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Well, the New Year is officially under way and I'm sure that some resolutions have already been broken. I'm always curious to hear some of the strange things people make as resolutiuons. I'm not talking about "I'm going to quit smoking" or "I'm going to lose 10 pounds" or anything like that...I mean strange ones like "I'm going to try not to laminate my testicles", that sort of thing, but real legit (although strange and off the wall) resolutions. I'm sure you know somebody who has made one that raised at least one eyebrow. Here's your chance to rat them out...post them here and let me know!!

01/11/2010 8:05PM
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01/14/2010 9:32PM
Yo... One of my co-workers made this hilarious on, I guess, their family always talks them into it. Their resolution, I shit you not, 'I will not chase squirrels, to grab their nuts from them, anymore.'
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