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Ryan Westward
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Reasons why Dave Grohl is awesome.

With the Foo Fighters coming into KC in September I felt it only appropriate to launch a blog of all the reasons Dave Grohl is awesome. I'll start it off but, please, feel free to add your comments.

#1. He's Dave "Mother Fuckin" Grohl.
#2. He plays a wicked guitar.
#3. He plays a wicked set of drums.
#4. He's not afraid to throw punk-ass-mother-fuckers out of his show. (Note Video below)

Like I said, feel free to add to this list.

07/13/2011 1:25PM
Reasons why Dave Grohl is awesome.
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07/13/2011 4:04PM
Dustin Gabert
#5. He offered tickets and a chance to drink with him to two trapped miners in Tasmania. He sent his condolences to them and their family, and even dedicated the song "Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners" to the two. Only one miner took him up on his offer.
07/13/2011 8:00PM
Agreed. I bought the documentary from Best Buy that aired before that 3d concert special thing, he's just win all around. After seeing that set list he's playing, holy shit this might even be better than Kemper in 2008. I flew out to the big 4 festival and was right in the pit, but I have a feeling the Foo are going to blow this away. I could care less about Rise Against though. See you in the pit!
07/15/2011 7:35AM
"pit" gets tossed around a lot. Something you will never hear at a metal show: "You come to my show to dance motherfucker, not fight."
07/16/2011 5:43PM
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