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Well, we are nearing the month of November once again.
What does that mean other than lots of Christmas stuff?
Yep, last year a few guys started it here around the station and I figured what the hell.
Ill give it a shot.
Ended up with a fairly nice beard out of it!
Why in the world 'am I telling you about this?
Not really sure but I figured over the next few weeks I would share my progress.
So gentleman lets do this!
Put the razors down for a month and see what happens.
Just don't let a endangered bird set up camp.
I think we all know that ends up bad!

10/28/2009 12:00PM
Really Random Blog?
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11/06/2009 6:20PM
good one but ive got to say no! probably a green thing but i like guys clean shaven--all over! youve adjusted to no hair on your head you wouldnt want it down your chin?
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