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Random rant!

Well as I was looking online today I noticed that a few people were talking about starting a boycott on BP.

This peaked my interest last week after reading that Korn was going to boycot  BP for all of their tour vehicles this summer.

Now I am all for expressing yourself.

If it is a boycott, not wearing fur, eating meat, or whatever.

But do you really think that a boycott of them is going to matter.

Sure it will touch the bottom line of the big company but you have to remember that it will really hurt the mom and pop that actually own the store.

Those are the people that live in our neighborhoods and go to our stores and spend money here locally!

I rarely go to BP other than for the higher octane for my bike but other than that I am all over the place.  Depending on price.

So if you are thinking about joining the boycott feel free to to so but you are only hurting the local guy.

Maybe if you really want to make a difference you should write your lawmakers or something that will go to the heart of the matter.

For me it is business as usual.

I am sure that BP not only sees this as a costly event for the environment but also the bottom line of the business.

That is a lot of cash spilling into the water that they will never see the money from!

This is just my opinion.

Feel free to disagree and do what you want!

Ps. Sorry to get all political on you!

Next week I will be back to boob, bikes, and rock n roll!

06/22/2010 10:52AM
Random rant!
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06/22/2010 2:32PM
hey, my wonderful husband, Richard, has giving me (us) an awesome gift of meet and greet tickets for the Scorpions in their last tour concert! Please could you tell us what to expect and do so we dont look stupid in front of a band we have loved for over 21 yrs together! thanks vicki
07/01/2010 9:56AM
George A
this BP stuff is crazy...think everyone should give this video a watcch for the sake of insider knowledge u will not get on the newws!
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