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Rambling thought...

I know its still only July but, damn it, I am ready for the football season!!  Chiefs, KU bring it on (yes, for those of you who don't know I'm a HUGE Jayhawk junkie).  I know a lot of people have been breaking down the numbers and really examining the players, coaches, coaching staff and all the stats in between but I've got to be honest with you....I'm just excited to go into a season without the stench of Carl Peterson looming over Arrowhead!  Maybe now we can actually focus on playing football and winning games instead of having that waste of space kicking his feet up on the desk and saying, "who cares, look at the attendance with us playing the way we are."  (granted, I made that quote up and cannot prove that "King Carl" ever said anything along those lines but it certainly felt that way from that arrogant S.O.B).  Anyway, like I said, it was just a rambling thought but I'm ready to bust out the grill, chill the beer and hang at the stadiums with good friends and good food as we usher in a new era with the Chiefs and fire into another season of Jayhawk football!!  We'll see ya at that tailgates!!

06/29/2009 6:35PM
Rambling thought...
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08/08/2009 9:26AM
Ben Maloun
Man, you and me are almost alike. i have a room that the only thing on my walls are stuff to do with jayhawks. chiefs, i think this season they are gonna turn around and win more that 2 dang games. and tailgating this year at memorial stadium for me is gonna be awesome. i hope you come to a game at least. KU is gonna kick butt this freaking season. here comes another BCS bowl.
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