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Now that I have your attention I would like to wish you a very happy Valentine's day!

Looks like a nice sunny day out there!

So, you read any good books?
Hummm. Sounds good.

Might have to pick that one up.

Well, guess I had better get going....

What...Rockfest info?
Not yet!
But yes it is on and we should have ALL the details here in about a month!
Till next time!

Ps. feel free to make a guess!

02/14/2011 1:10PM
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02/15/2011 9:28AM
Is rockfest really on May 14th or is that just a rumor?
02/15/2011 10:16AM
Hi I am a mother of a 20 yr old soldier in the US Army and we just recntly like a week before x-mas that he has germ cell cancer a very rare cancer, and him and i havebeen inseprable anyway long story short I am from Tx and I love country music but he has switched me back to Rock.. We love Johnny Dare in the morning. :) Michael truly wants to go to the Rock fest 2011 and I was wondering if we could get tickets where we could be sorta close I know its outside but I was thinking about him getting tired and needing to sit close to the stage.. Please let us know Thanks Sincerely, Victoria Hallman
02/15/2011 11:15AM
Ruthie Kubica
Thanks Moose for the update. Happy V-Day!
02/15/2011 12:16PM
Greg Olerich
This is my guess for rockfest....... Avenged Sevenfold Three Days Grace Bullet For My Valentine QueensRyche My Darkest Days Theory of a Deadman Seether Stone Sour I would like to see the band "Framing Hanley", "Red Line Chemistry" or "Drive A" on the list
02/15/2011 9:41PM
Shelly C.
I heard May 14th....sure hope not because last year got damn right dangerous with all the mud and the corndog shanks scatter throughout the mud....we made it to 6pm last year and figured it was too dangerous to stay any longer with all the drunk and stoned people pushing and shoving.
02/16/2011 1:08PM
Paul Greer
Avenged Sevenfold Would like to see: Three Days Grace Bullet For My Valentine QueensRyche My Darkest Days Theory of a Deadman Seether Stone Sour Hinder Def Leppard Motley Crue(pipe dream) Rev Theory
02/16/2011 3:15PM
Krystian Black
My gUESS for this years rockfest: Avenged Sevenfold hinder stonesour three days grace seeether red line chemistry hail the vilian alter bridge saving abel staind all that remains p.o.d.
02/16/2011 3:28PM
Jeff Beck
How bout a 2 day Rockfest with Pearl Jam headlining both days!!!
02/16/2011 3:46PM
The KC Eye
I've got a hunch Alter Bridge will be making their first appearance at Rockfest this year. And for those of you who are not familiar -- if my hunch is correct, you will not be disappointed!
02/16/2011 9:41PM
Mr. B
Moose...you're a prick, I was generally excited when I read this....I still love you though, so I'll let it slide On one condition...bring back 5FDP Again...I love you, look forward to seeing the actual line up
02/16/2011 10:20PM
tim power
my guess main stage- disturbed stone sour three days grace shinedown seether second stage- sevendust red line chemistry hail the villian avenged sevenfold 10 years veer union
02/17/2011 7:08AM
Adrienne Flamez
Hey Johnny and 98.9 crew. My Fiance is currently deployed to Afghanistan and they were wondering if they could get signed cd's from the rockfest bands this year. He is very upset that he is missing it this year since we havent missed one with 2006 but deployment calls. What about 5 figure death punch again this year!? Bad Company is the song all the boys listen to before they go out on a mission.
02/17/2011 7:48AM
I hope you guys have Evans Blue this year. Can't wait to buy my rockfest tickets.. We had a blast last year!!
02/17/2011 9:00AM
Derek Seigler
Dream Line Up! Not In Specific Order. A7X, Three Days Grace, Ffdp, My Darkest Days, Escape The Fate, Hollywood Undead, Papa Roach, Rev Theory, Drowning Pool, Hail The Villian, Stone Sour, Bullet For My Valentine, Crossfade, P.O.D., And Digital Summer! Even If Atleast Half These Bands Were There I would Be So Excited!!
02/17/2011 5:04PM
christopher mize
hey moose im pretty sure its a7x there,i know you get alot of these and this probably wont be read but im going to try anyways. last year during godsmack i proposed to my girlfriend during godsmack. well this year i would like to do something special for her again. she loves avenged and loves m shadows and i thought it would be cool for her to get to meet the band or for him to make a shout out to her sometime during the show. is there backstage passes where you can meet them. ill buy them or is there anyway you could have him do the shout out. please let me know. preferably through email, you can restrict it or whatever it takes so i wont have yours it wont bother me. im just trying to do something special for her cause she deserves a hell of alot more than i can give. thanks hope to hear from you.
02/18/2011 3:50PM
Jake Purdum
idk i think whatever bands they have it will be awesome like always but the band Red should be there they are good
02/21/2011 7:09PM
Here is my guess: Main Stage: Avenged Sevenfold Hinder Shinedown Three Days Grace Hail the Villain Halestorm Red Line Chemistry Second Stage: Hellyeah Saving Abel Trapt The Veer Union Federation of Horsepower Shaman's Harvest Seasons After New Medicine That's my guess, but I got a feeling that Hinder is gonna be there.
02/21/2011 9:30PM
I was hoping that someday Rockfest could have more metal bands included, kinda like Freaker's Ball in 2009. Bands like Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, Shadows Fall, 5FDP, stuff like that. I'd really like to see As I Lay Dying and Bullet for my Valentine too.
02/22/2011 5:24AM
This is my lineup for Rockfest 2011: System of a Down Staind RHCP Tool APC Soundgarden Red Line Chemistry
02/22/2011 12:10PM
I would love to see these bands this year.... Avenged Sevenfold Deftones Alice in Chains Stone Sour Seether Disturbed Five Finger Death Punch Buckcherry
02/22/2011 11:48PM
02/25/2011 9:49AM
5/14 Liberty Memorial Park Probable Bands Stone Sour Hinder Alter Bridge 10 Years Theory Of A Deadman Definitely NOT Avenged Sevenfold Three Days Grace Sevendust Bullet For My Valentine You heard it here first
02/25/2011 6:39PM
Still waiting to hear when Rockfest 2011 is and who is playing this year!!! Looking forward to the concert! Only concert I go to!!!!
02/26/2011 12:39AM
Cant wait for rockfest so excited to go hurry up with the line up PLEASE were all excited to know who is playing
02/26/2011 6:12PM
I think Crossfade is a BIG possiblity for Rockfest this year
02/27/2011 9:02AM
Jessica brown
Godsmack and korn thats all im gonna say
02/27/2011 4:37PM
02/28/2011 7:24AM
I would LOVE for the list to include Chevelle, Korn, Mudvayne, & 10 Years! And seriously. We need to stop doing May, it should be June. The mud was fun and all but it would be nice to have a dry sunny day! :)
02/28/2011 10:41AM
Looking good guys! All info comes out in about two weeks! Guess we will find out then who is right!
02/28/2011 2:16PM
you dont sit close to the stage at rockfest unless your up in vip... you rock the hell out and get smashhhhed up at the gates. its the shiiiiiit. i am so excited for rockfest again!!!! :D
02/28/2011 5:15PM
man please give a loyal listener such as myself a pair of rockfest tickets.I go every year it would be a shame to miss this year.I am being eaten alive by the suck ass economy and my finances are down to zilch.And I would love nothing more than to be able to say "I pissed all over Aggy Stackshit ville".lol.As I was saying I have been listening to the Rock since the Zrock dayz and I have grown up with the morning crew and the rest of the gang such moose and friends.and if this don't work I know where your building is and I'll drive my box truck right thru the center of sumbitch.lol.just kidding.lol
02/28/2011 7:19PM
Scott Heller
This is part of the line up for Lazerfest May 15th in Iowa. Avenged 7fold, Stone Sour, 3days grace, Seether, Queensryche, Theory of a deadman, Bullet for my Valentine, My Darkest Days. Iowa had the Same Bands that Rockfest had last year.
02/28/2011 7:54PM
avenged sevenfold cant be there on may 14 they will be in kansas not kansas city they are in whichata with 3DG and BFMV so nice try everone but heres what i got MAIN STAGE: Nickelback Shinedown My darkest days Red line chemistry Hail the villain Rev theory Pop evil SECOND STAGE: 5FDP Hellyeah Buckcherry Papa roach The damned things stone sour FIREWORKS AT END thunderstorms to bring the mud
03/02/2011 12:39PM
Holly Davidson
Stone Sour, Rev Theory, Theory of A Deadman, Art of Dying, Halestorm, Seether, Skillet, Staind, Sick Puppies, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, A Perfect Circle.
03/02/2011 4:37PM
i think it will be shinedown, rev theory, drowning pool, five finger death punch, papa roach,hinder,buckcherry,mudvayne,halestorm,hell yea,hail the villain,nickelback
03/03/2011 5:04AM
I attended my first Rockfest last year with my 13 year old. We stayed all day and loved every dirty wet and rocking minute of it. This is now a mom and son thing we plan on doing every year. We drive to KC from Omaha for the show and cant wait...A year is just too long to wait....
03/03/2011 10:32AM
My prediction: Main Stage: Soundgarden Alter Bridge Shinedown 5FDP Rev Theory 3 Days Grace Second Stage: Theory of a Deadman Hailstorm Pop Evil My Darkest Days Red Line Chemistry Hail the Villian Federation of Horsepower 2 more
03/05/2011 4:03PM
Here's my guess. Soundgarden Stone Sour Seether Alter Bridge Hinder Rev theory Black Label Society Hail The Villain Art of Dying New Medicine Soundgarden as a headliner is more of a long shot, but the other ones are realistic.
03/05/2011 4:07PM
replace seether with sevendust
03/06/2011 5:18AM
If Bullet Fot My Valentine Really is going and its not just someones lame guess i may. just. POOP. myself. Same with Linkin Park... they need to go. But i dont think 5FDP will be going this year because they are in the process of recording their new album right now.
03/07/2011 12:52PM
here is my guess Main Stage 1:30 Saving Able 2:40 Rev Theory 3:50 Skillit 5:00 Hinder 6:30 Stone Sour 8:00 Papa Roach 9:30 Disturbed Second Stage 12:00 Cavo 1:00 Hail The Villain 2:10 My Darkest Day 3:20 Sick Puppies 4:30 Pop Evil 6:00 All That Remains 7:30 10 Years 9:00 Hellyeah I would like the main stage to be a little heavier but idk who else is touring now that would fit in
03/07/2011 3:03PM
I just want to see a7x, stone sour, halestorm, disturbed, (Uproar Lineup) lol. I know a7x is in wichita on the 14th same as rockfest. but i would just move rockfest a day to see them live here close in town. They are just amazing live!
03/08/2011 5:44PM
My Guess For Rockfest Is! 1.Avenged Sevenfold 2.Three Days Grace 3.Five Finger 4.Texas Hippie Coalition 5.Straight Line Stitch 6.Taproot 7.12 Stones 8.Kid Rock 9.Breaking Benjamin 10.Korn 11.Static-X 12.Mudvayne 13.Drowning Pool 14.Godsmack 15.Tool
03/08/2011 5:47PM
Hey 98.9 I love u guys you rock you have always played good music Thanx and Have you guys ever Heard of Texas Hippie Coalition They Fricken Rock!!!!!!!!!P.S. Just Like You
03/09/2011 11:33AM
10 Years will be in Chicago May 14th with Hollywood Undead, so they will not be there.
03/11/2011 10:49AM
jutin henricks
ok its called rockfest not metalfest i would love to c all those but stone sour will nt be at rf11 that will be sweet if they got some metal but i think the haveest band will be agin 5fdp.. and this simes like 4ever till they say. and can we get some bud light lol
03/13/2011 11:42AM
We Would LIke To See: Bullet For My val. Avenged Hinder Rob Zombie Braking Benjamin Five Finger Death Punch Cross Fade Staind Drowning pool Mudvayne Three days Grace korn 10 Years Skillit Stone Sour SlipKnot Rev theory
04/11/2011 1:27PM
Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace, and Bullet For My Valetine WILL NOT BE THERE. So stop guessing them. They are gonna be in Wichita. :D
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