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Pre Rockfest!

Wow, it is hard to believe that we are just days away from Rockfest.
Talked to The Bob this morning all the equipment and stage was delivered yesterdayand the build is on as I sit here and type this.
I know that it is in advance of the show but I would like to take a second to thank you.
Rockfest has grown so much since the humble beginnings out at Smithville.
To think we are now 50,000 plus strong just blows me away.
We cant do this without you!
Most importantly thank you for watching out for your fellow rockers.
I cant tell you how many times last year I saw someone bite it while crowd surfing and everyone stopped to help them up.
Or the people who were getting sunscreen out for a stranger who was turning into a lobster.
You are the best K.C.
Thank you so much for making this the highlight of my year!
See you Saturday!


05/27/2009 9:43AM
Pre Rockfest!
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05/28/2009 9:12AM
Here we go man, can't wait brother. Getting the gear ready and taking the day off tomorrow to make sure I am fully hydrated and rested. I will make sure to get the lens pointed at ya sometime during the fest. Later.
05/28/2009 10:09AM
When can we get in to start the party at Rockfest???!!! Let me know if you would please. Melisa
05/28/2009 7:45PM
I heard that motorcycles can park up by the memorial is this true ?
05/29/2009 12:14PM
can someone tell me the address for Rockfest, i cant seem to find it.
05/31/2009 12:30PM
Nancy Hamp
Wheres all the pictures from Rockfest at cant wait to see what you got
06/01/2009 10:45AM
jesse preus
dude rockfest was so kick ass im burnt like hell dude korn top the night off dude i can still hear the crowd in my sleep man thanks you guys for putting the greates show in the world that was my first show i have ever been to no other station can top nothing you guys put on thanks an hope to see you next year
09/02/2010 6:50AM
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