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Our First Low Dough Show of 2013

Last night we had our very first Low Dough Show of 2013 and as expected all you crazy fuckers made it another sell out at The Midland. I had the distinct pleasure of being your Master of Ceremonies and here's my version of what went on, went down, and all that I can remember before the beer kicked in and drove me home, in a cab! 

I got to the Midland a little before eight to meet up with The Bob. As the top of the hour approached it was great to chat with Gil from Isaac James. These guys are from KC and most certainly were honored to be playing a show for everyone and to finally be on the right bill to showcase what they've got and while I can't recall the names of all the songs, I gotta say, they certainly brought it. I'd say the best way to describe their sound is good ole southern rock. It was their first show with their new drummer, but one wouldn't have guessed it. Nice work gents. 
Otherwise is the supporting act on the Stone Sour tour and as a support act, they did a good job of being support. At one point the lead singer said, "I don't care if you like our band or not put your middle fingers in the air", so the irony wasn't lost when whatever song they were on had a close out with a smidge of Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name". Funny, cause RATM had crossed my mind when he did that. I guess I was tapped into the collective conscious of the audience or just picking up the contact high from some really good sticky icky!

Stone Sour was the best I've ever seen of them, though I can't recall, it may have been the first time I'd seen them. I know they did a Rockfest a couple years back because I interviewed Corey, but know I didn't see them since I was on air. None-the-less, they opened with what I thought they'd open with. Tracks one and two off of "House of Gold & Bones Part 1" in "Gone Sovereign" and "Absolute Zero". They closed out with 30-30-150 and it was pretty high intensity the entire time. I watched from the balcony above and it seemed to me that all of you in attendance were having a great time! 

After the show I went over to the Indie Bar with 3/5ths of Red Line Chemistry as they were meeting up with the guys from Otherwise but I didn't stay long. I know me and knew it was best to get out of there before getting myself into any trouble. So into a cab I went, and drunkenly navigated the drive to my house. And this morning I realized just how much of a nincompoop I can be as I opened not one but two bottles of beer and left them entirely full. Yeah, I'm a real genius! 

Here's some notes I made on my phone as I watched the show: 
IJ (Isaac James) Straight forward RnR, solid
Best poster in the crowd (we need more of these) "Help, I need a guitar pic"
Crowd surfer with camera on his head (Is this correct? Did I see this right?)
Slipknot masked crowd surfer
Kid got scolded for trying to climb back over the guard rail, after crowd surfing, instead of walking around.
Till next show! 

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01/31/2013 6:38PM
Our First Low Dough Show of 2013
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01/31/2013 7:23PM
Stone Sour
Great time!!! For the first low dough show year be hard to beat! All bands destroyed the Midland!
02/02/2013 7:11PM
Isaac James
Hey nivens what is the chance of getting Isaac James on a stage at Rock Fest I thought they were awesome and several others in the croud did as well. I would love to see them at Rock Fest
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