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Open Letter to the NFL

To Whom it May Concern:

Please, please, please, please, please take care of these labor disputes as soon as possible to avoid cancelling any games of the 2011 season. Recently I read that the NFL is willing to give refunds to any games cancelled and while that's a great public relations move, it doesn't give me much faith that things are going to be resolved. Let's not forget about the baseball stike during the '94-'95 season. MLB lost a lot of fans over that dispute and those fans never came back...myself included. I love the game of baseball but have no respect for a league full of lazy, increasingly over-weight, steroid using whiners who don't think they make enough money to hit a ball with a stick. That said, I fully understand that players in the NFL have a good argument to make sure their futures are covered seeing that, basically, every single snap has the potential to be their last, however fans would still be very upset if any of the season was called off due to negotiations. My understanding is that a lockout will take place if an agreement isn't reached by March 4th, so again I ask.....PLEASE get the negotiations done before the deadline so we can go to the stadiums and enjoy, what I believe, actually IS America's pastime.


Ryan Westward

12/02/2010 7:03PM
Open Letter to the NFL
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