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One holiday at a time

Ok, so I'm sure that many people understand where I'm coming from on this....can we take it one holiday at a time?? It is Thursday Oct. 29th and Halloween is two days away. I went to more than one store (Target) just to get some last minute things; i.e. cups with Halloween type of a theme on them, maybe some little decoration, nothing big but the kind of stuff that you would usually find there. To my amazement (and I don't know why it still amazes me since its the same every year) their Halloween section had been taken down and replaced with Christmas tree, light and decorations. What the...?? Seriously, can I get through this holiday before I have the next one rammed down my throat?? And that's just it...its not even the next holiday. Perhaps stores around town have forgotten about a little holiday called Thanksgiving?? It the last Thursday of Novemeber in case any of them are confused. One holiday at a time please!!

That is all...carry on :)

10/29/2009 7:30PM
One holiday at a time
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11/06/2009 10:18AM
Yeah stores are crazy when it comes to Christmas stuff. I was at Wal-Mart way like two weeks before Halloween and they had their Christmas section already set up next to the Halloween stuff. And guess what section was bigger... yep.
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