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New Rule.......

.......nobody from American I-Dull is ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER allowed to release a cover song as a single. Its bad enough that you actually gained "fame" (yes I put that in quotes) in a karaoke contest, now you want to make it even worse by releasing covers?? That really grinds my gears. Look at people like Brent Smith from Shinedown...whether you like the band or not (personally I do), there is NO denying that he got to where he is purely on blood, sweat and tears. He clawed his way up to get what he wanted and you can hear it in his voice...you can hear it in his lyrics and the stories he tells with his songs. I'd much rather listen to that than someone who won a joke of a contest singing someone else's song only to record an album and try to build a career with songs....writtten by someone else. Way to earn it jackholes.

Which leads me back to my original point....NOBODY WHO EVER APPEARED IN AMERICAN I-DULL SHOULD EVER BE ALLOWED TO RELEASE A COVER SONG!!!! Leave the releasing of ANYTHING to the legitimate ARTISTS.

.....we now return you to regularly scheduled programming already in progress......

12/09/2010 6:34PM
New Rule.......
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