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New Music Tuesday!!

Another batch of new music comes out today. Some good, DKM, whilst some are Meh, BVB. Let's get started!

**Another DVD of the Rolling Stones comes out today; "Crossfire Hurricane", recounts the last 50 years of the Stones with a previously unreleased concert of them in Germany in 1965.

**Fourteen years into their illustrious career and them boys from Boston are back with "Signed and Sealed in Blood". For those of you that know me, I'm an incredibly huge fan of the Dropkick Murphy's and nearly never sober at their show!

**"Notes from the Underground - Unabridged" by Hollywood Undead comes out today as well. Even before I caught these guys a few years back in St. Louis at one of their festivals I have been a fan and am interested to see the work that comes out, especially with all the turmoil around the band and ex-member Deuce.

**I'll admit it and discuss it with whomever cares to, I am not a fan of Black Veil Brides. After careful deliberation as to why this is I've come to a couple conclusions. I don't believe them. They're too whiny for me. In my eyes they're trying too hard to be some sort of social rebel all pissed off at mommy and daddy, yet happy to live under their roof as long as they'll let them, eating their food, shitting in their toilets and borrowing their internet to play Xbox or PS3 with other malcontent, misunderstood, spoiled brats. Plus, I think the lead singer's got to go. Music's good, lead singer not so much, the end. None-the-less, they've got a new album out today "Wretched & Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones".

**Pantera/Down/etc frontman Phil Anselmo as a new split-EP out today. Here's the direct quote from Amazon, "2013 split EP from Pantera/Down vocalist Phil Anselmo and Metal warriors Warbeast. War Of The Gargantuas includes two songs from each artist."

What's came out or coming out that's got you going?
Who're you looking forward to listening to?

Here's a video from DKM, "Rose Tattoo"!


Enjoy! Thanks for reading!

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01/08/2013 4:06PM
New Muisc Tuesday!!
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01/11/2013 4:52PM
Can't believe you missed the release of the RATM 20th anniversary box set! Great stuff, including the demos of the first RATM album, a DVD of their free London concert, and other live performances (including their first public show in California).
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