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New Anthrax Music Details

Anthrax frontman Joey Belladonna's Twitter account has been busy the last couple days or so. Here's what's been posted thus far:

**Day #4 In The Studio Recording Vocals For The New Anthrax Album. Currently Working on Song #4.

**Just got back from lunch. Time to finish song #3. I am almost done and it is sounding great!

**Great day in the studio yesterday! Song 2 complete and sounds great! Everyone loves it! Looking forward to today and knocking out song #3.

**Song #2 almost done. Studio is going great, I am killing it!

**Today Is Day #2 In The Studio Recording Vocals For The New Anthrax Album.

**First Song Done, Sounds Killer! Time for Song #2.

**Today is day #1 in the studio to record my vocals for the new Anthrax album.

Word on the street is new Anthrax should drop by the end of the year.

02/24/2011 4:03PM
New Anthrax Music Details
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03/12/2011 8:09PM
I'm Sure They'll Rock As Allway !!!Can't Wait For Their Release!
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