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NASCAR Weekend!!!

Oh baby, it is almost here and my liver is already crying for mercy!!  Big weekend coming up with the NASCAR Truck and Sprint Cup series' coming to town for an adrenaline pumping, action packed weekend!!

I've always loved having Kansas Speedway here in town and have always enjoyed going out on race weekend and watching the races but it used to be that Kansas was just another weekend on the schedule and just another mile and half track on the circuit, but with the reconfiguration of the track last year with new pavement and progressive banking through the corners, it's not just another track on the schedule anymore.  Kansas Speedway is now a beast with a whole new personality....even the TV commentators are pumping it up.  I was watching the race at Texas this past weekend and they mentioned Kansas Speedway more than once (and not just in passing saying that that's where the next race would be....more like how it was going to be a factor!)  About mid-race, this was the exchange between Darrell Waltrip, Larry McReynolds and Mike Joy in the broadcast booth:

Waltrip:  Kansas ought to be REAL interesting…with the new repave and these cars….I have no IDEA how fast these cars will go around that racetrack
McReynolds:  It’ll put a whole new meaning to fast
Joy:  What’d Kurt Busch say in qualifying..Ludacris speed
McReynolds:  I know the Rousch/Fenway teams tested there a couple of weeks ago…corner entry speed 212 mph

That's what I'm talking about when I say the track has a whole new personality.  Speeds used to average around 165 mph, now they're diving in there at over 200....higher speeds equal more action!

Later in the race, Chris Meyers and Michael Waltip discussed the new track:

Meyers:  New asphalt already with multiple groves in Kansas Michael so how is that going to make a difference in that mile and a half track next Sunday?

Waltrip:  The crew chiefs are going to be challenged, you know, you’re only going to come to pit road ONLY every now and then at Kansas because the tires are going to continue to stick.  The drivers are going to be challenged because of the intense speed…these guys will be going over 205 mph down into the corner for this 400 miler…the multiple groves that they have in the corners, the variable banking means that there’s going to be options for these drivers when they get down into the corner….Kansas, the action is going to pick up for sure

Yeah, not just another track on the schedule anymore folks.  I'M READY!!!!!

Boogity, Boogity, Boggity!!!!

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04/16/2013 1:48PM
NASCAR Weekend!!!
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