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N-N-New Music Tuesday!!

Well, I can't imagine this is one of those big, weird, crazy coincidences! GODSMACK drops their latest disc today, "1000HP", AND SIXX A.M. puts out their first single off their forthcoming album "Modern Vintage". It's no secret that SULLY & NIKKI don't care much for one another, so I'd guess that Sixx felt like stealing some of Smack's thunder today with the release of their latest tune. 

I could be wrong... but I doubt it. 

On Monday of this week we got new tunes from SLIPKNOT with "The Negative One" and - if you're keeping track at home - new tunes from LIMP BIZKIT with "Endless Slaughter". Have you heard either? Thoughts? 
Here's what's coming down the pike...
See anything I'm missing?
AVENGED SEVENFOLD “Waking the Fallen” 10th Ann. Deluxe Reissue Aug 26th
MOTORHEAD “Aftershock” Reissue August 26th
CARLA HARVEY (BUTCHER BABIES) “Death & Other Dances” Novel August 26th
THE OFFSPRING “Smash” Mid-August 20th Anniversary Deluxe Reissue
QUEEN “Live at the Rainbow ‘74” CD/DVD/Vinyl/Blu-Ray September 9th
IN FLAMES “Siren Charms” September 9th
NONPOINT “The Return” September 30th
SICK OF IT ALL “The Last Act of Defiance” September 30th
CANNIBAL CORPSE “Bible of Butchery: The Official Biography” September
BILLY IDOL “Dancing With Myself” Memoir October 7th
SIXX A.M. “Modern Vintage” October 7th
PINK FLOYD “The Endless River” October
FOO FIGHTERS “Sonic Highways” on HBO October 17th
LED ZEPPELIN “IV & Houses of the Holy” Deluxe Reissue October 28th
NYHC: New York Hardcore 1980 - 1990 November Memoir
SLIPKNOT – 98% Done per Corey Taylor

P.O.D. Acoustic
SCOTT IAN “I’m The Man” Memoir
TOOL Who F*cking Knows
2015 Expectations
BEASTIE BOYS Memoirs (By both Mike D & Ad Rock)
SMASHING PUMPKINS “Monuments to an Elegy” & “Day for Night”
KORN’S BRIAN “HEAD” WELCH Memoir “With My Eyes Open” 

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08/05/2014 5:16PM
N-N-New Music Tuesday!!
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08/05/2014 5:56PM
Man this is awesome finding out about a Chili Peppers Book?! and of course the Foo Fighters man this mid way through the year is going to be amazing for awesome music also excited to see how Tommy drumming sounds on Smashing Pumpkins. This list is betterthan Christmas!
08/05/2014 5:57PM
Ready for slipknot
This had been a bad ass year for music so far ready for some new shit to head bang too!
08/05/2014 5:57PM
That song sux
08/05/2014 6:03PM
Godsmack scared me with 1000HP the song, but their album is awesome. Horsepower is my least favorite on the album. Sully pays tribute to Nikki again with Locked and Loaded ending it with "How do you like it... Frank"? Nikki's real first name is Frank.
08/05/2014 6:05PM
I think you've got them all covered!
08/05/2014 6:13PM
cant wait for slipknot
So far its been a goid year for music but I cant fucking wait till slipknots new cd comes out its been a while and its about time
08/05/2014 6:32PM
Mixed thoughts on the new Sixx A.M., it sounds like something that can be catchy and people will like it the more they hear it...but it sounds like something Imagine Dragons would put out, a catchy, poppy version of rock music that you want to dance to, not really rock out to like we would expect to hear from Nikki...
08/05/2014 6:35PM
i dont know.....
On the topic of godsmack and sixx am....I think that Nikki Sixx is just green with envy just because of some beef he has with Sully Erna. When it comes down to it, Nikki just needs to come to terms with yeah he was in Motley Crue if I'm not mistaken and they were from the 80s and Godsmack is more modern. Both gentlemen are amazing vocalists and musicians in general. But releasing a single out of envy or even rivalry-which that is what this seems to be more of than just the green monster of envy sinking its talons into Nikki- is kinda childish but at the same time there's always one musicians or another that drops an album at the same time of another artist's single. So when you think about it its both a coincidence as well as a childish musical rivalry between to grown ass men. Not to make a lame ass pun or anything but this is gonna hurt Nikki's ego but he needs to stop crying like a hitch over a more than likely petty ass disagreement with Sully Erna. But I love them both as well as their bandmates. :)
08/05/2014 7:30PM
This Is going to be awesome....
New Cavalera Conspiracy, In Flames, and a Cannibal Corpse bio!?! Can't wait.... -Thomas L.
08/05/2014 7:39PM
In Flames
I was excited about Godsmack having a new album till I heard the new song. Not one of their best. Limp bizkits new song is trash but truthfully I think everything by them has been shit since Chocolate starfish. In Flames I'm really excited about. Love the first releases they have out right now. Slipknot is another I'm excited about even without Joey and Paul I think the new song sounds like old Slipknot.
08/05/2014 9:19PM
from your friend mark scholtz
your blogs are awesome Nivens always learn when stuff is coming out and i am a huge music lover so its very helpful to me and i am sure a lot more people too ! keep on rocking Jason Nivens!
08/05/2014 11:01PM
Metal Head
New slipknot great music all the way around need a low dough METAL show
08/06/2014 6:58AM
Weird Music Release Last Month
For those that love comedy, "Weird" Al Yankovic released Mandatory Fun a couple weeks ago, and topped the billboard chart with it for album sales. A whole lot of yes! Christina
08/06/2014 11:30AM
Great to hear about 'The return' of Nonpoint, it will be a nice birthday present for myself. Loved the new Slipknot song. The Limp Bizkit song sounds like three crap tracks merged together. Plus i get to see Dragonforce in October, might need a neck brace for a couple days after. Would it be possible to include the UK on the radio app again, miss listening to the shows when trying to go to sleep. Geoff (lost without a decent rock radio station somewhere in the UK).
08/06/2014 2:32PM
From Floyd to Slikpknot
Just got both Godsmack and 6a.m. and the tinder is in Godsmacks corner! Little weak nikki! Glad to see the return of Pink Floyd. We need more music to shop too. Lol. And weird still has his accordion? And happy to see Corey is back in the knot,he amazes and brings one way or another.And who's not looking forward to fighting foos? Your foo if your not looking forward to see what Dave and the boys have up there sleeves. And someone say tool? It's not party untill the Tool brings it. Oh the wait! That's a vinal wish list.And Limp Bizkit, 90's called they want there nookie back. AC/DC oh how want more. 2015 looks like it could been excellent. Thanks Nivens keep us up to date. Keep up the good work.
08/06/2014 3:45PM
Probably right about about 6 a.m.'s delayed release! Haven't heard the new Slipknot or Limp Bizkit yet... would really like to have a shot at those cd's! Thanks man.
08/06/2014 4:42PM
Start playing new medicine again
08/08/2014 5:37PM
The Foo
Just waiting.... Waiting... For the new Foo.
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