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My thoughts on this years Rockfest!

Since my mind's cleared up a bit and my body isn't nearly as sore and mangled as I've been the last couple days, a few days after Rockfest, I decided to share with you a couple few of my favorite memories from this year "Party in the Park".

First, for me, even before the rain and mud is the fact I worked this year's party. If you recall I had been downsized prior to last year's Rockfest due to corporate wide budget cuts that went down across the country. To be part of this years, working, felt soooo good!!!

The mud and rain were ridiculous, no doubt. What amazed me and always amazes me about you guys is how well all get along. Not to say that when you get 55,000 people together you won't get a some people who don't care much for each other. But the reality is that everyone gets along and knows why they're their... TO ROCK!

Laughed my ass off when Taddy Porter's front man said, "Wanna give a shout out to Ninety Eight Point Six!" Yeah... the natives did not like that and I was for certain were about to riot. He quickly realized the error of his way and corrected himself. The fans took note and didn't pillage the stage.

How about 7 mosh pits during Drowning Pool's Bodies!!

Of all the interviews I did my favorite was with Rev Theory. We had a blast and I'm certain Ty saved our asses in the studio by hitting the dump button when Matty dropped an F bomb!

My interview with Sully and Shannon, from Godsmack, was hysterical in the fact that Sully clearly didn't wanna be there. I understand. You're tired and it's raining and your iPhone is obviously more exciting than I! But what I loved most about it was asking him point blank, with my final question while sporting my NY ball cap, "How does it feel to know you were just interviewed by a Yankee fan?" Sully looked up at me and said, "I can't look at you bro! That's why I'm not even talking to you!" Then he took off his headphones and got up from the table. Needless to say, we didn't take a photo together. (If ya don't know, Sully's a Boston Fan. Ha!!)

I'd hoped to watch the fireworks from my rooftop loft, but didn't make it home in time and had to catch them while standing in front of the doors to Union Station.

Again, thanks sooo much to all of you who came, saw, conquered and ROCKED!

See ya again next year!

05/18/2010 1:36PM
My thoughts on this years Rockfest!
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05/18/2010 4:24PM
Dude! I missed Rockfest this year! I wanted to go so baddd! Everything that I have heard sounds amazing! I have went the past three years and never been introduced to "mud fest" I Heard it was so much fun! I will not EVER miss it againI am glad you had ablast! See you next year for sure! xD
05/18/2010 4:33PM
Jenn Guinty
This was my first Rockfest...and I took my 16 year old son. He went last year with his dad, but my husband had to be at Whiteman AFB playing war games this year and couldn't come. Anyway...I have to say this was one of the coolest events I have ever been to!!! We had the BEST time...this coming from a 43 year old...! There was an energy to the whole crowd that you can't find just anywhere! I can't put into words how cool I thought it was...you just HAD to be there! I plan on going every year from here on out!!! I had alot of people tell my son and I that I am a cool mom, but nobody had to twist my arm to get me there! I wanted to go and am so glad I did! Yeah, we were wet, but who cared?! Thank you 98.9 for putting on the best show in the world...right here in Kansas City!
05/18/2010 6:37PM
Amanda Newham French
Man! Fuck Sully!!!!!!!!! I love Godsmack but I've never liked Sully. He's talented and all but, whatever, he's a dick. Rockfest, however was the shit as always...at first. The music was awesome and everyone was so cool!!!! (I especially liked the fact I didn't see near as many 5 O as I always did in the past;-) But it just kept raining and raining and it kept gettin muddier and slicker. Don't get me wrong, I'm from the country and I most def don't mind mud but that was...wow...a lot. Lol My husband and I both wanted to see Five Finger Death Punch, 3 Days Grace, etc. but we ended up burnin out about 5:30 or so. When I heard that Rockfest was gonna be May 15th this year, we were both like 'right on it won't be hot'. Lol Oh well. I'm so glad my husband and I went! This is our 3rd year in a row goin and our first as a married couple=) We still got fucked up and the best part was we had a DD take us and pick us up:) Nivens, I think your the shit and I love the tatt you have on your lower back, 'COEXIST'. So true man, so very true. Thought I'd throgh in my 2 cents and yes my spelling sucks.
05/18/2010 7:09PM
Jennifer Marshall
To be honest, I've never been much for rockfest because I'm more into bands that are a little less mainstream. I went the last time 9 years ago when it was at Sandstone, and that alone made it not that much fun so I hadn't been back since. I've always heard people talking about it, but I just didn't get what the big deal was. There were a few bands playing this year that I kinda wanted to see, and I thought what the hell, it's only 25 bucks, why not. I bought some tickets and went having no idea what to expect. Let me tell you, you guys have turned me into a lifer. I love live shows, I think just about every band sounds better live, and I just love the concert environment. This was nothing like I'd ever seen before. I immediately thought the rain was gonna ruin everything, alot of people were gonna back out, but boy was I wrong. I was blown away by the great attitudes of most, and how 55,000 people can join together for one common cause, to rock the f$%K out and have the time of their life. The nasty weather should have ruined it, but somehow it just added to the experience. I about lost it the first time I went to use the bathroom and saw like ten people rolling down the hill, and then even standing in line for the port-o-potty was fun. I tried to do the math, and as affordable as everything was(compared to every other concert I've ever been to) I can't imagine how you pull any kind of profit after paying everyone their dues. Great great job, you have turned me into a believer, and I can't wait for 2011. I have a 7-year-old son who I can't wait to bring as soon as he is a few years older.
05/19/2010 8:14PM
dude rockfest fuckin kicked ass!!! 3 hours on a med hill havin the best party ever ill be back every year keepem strong and lets keep rockin woooo!!!
05/20/2010 8:26PM
Edwin Coffman
First, rockfest was the shit!!! My fav was seether and it totaly rock. I got only one complant, i wish the bands would have played longer. The best thing about rockfest was the loyal fans, boobs, and $5 drinks all day. I cant wait tell next years rockfest, or mudfest.
05/20/2010 11:46PM
I have to admit that the rain and mud were a downer for me but I attend Rockfest every year (this is my 5th yr) despite who is there and how the weather is. I support it 100% and will attend every year after 2010. Looking back I think if I had a hotel near by I probably would of had more fun in the mud. I wouldn't have to worry about getting my new car all muddy. I loved being able to get some of my fav bands autographs! Although I was pissed off waiting almost 2 hours to get Godsmacks and being towards the front and still not being able to get it and also that Sully was being a diva by not coming to see his fans and sitting in his dressing room. Really disapointed in that. But overall had fun and like I said will be back every year regardless of who is there and what the weather is like. P.S. Fuck anyone who tries to take Rockfest away from Liberty Memorial. It's just grass get over themselves. Dumb bitches. I LOVE 98.9 The ROCK!!
05/27/2010 1:05AM
Jason- As someone who was looking forward to Rockfest more than any other concert this year (Mayhem, Ozzfest aint got SHIT on Rockfest) I, being in the Navy now was attending to things in Chicago and couldn't make it. Most of the bands playing this year I have already seen at one point in time or another being from around the Kansas City area alot. I had been to the last three Rockfests and always went to Freakers Ball and Twisted X-mas whenever I could, and let me say that 98.9 The Rock Kansas City's rock station knows how to throw one badass summer party! As for Liberty Memorial... this is what people associate Rockfest with. The landscape, the downtown area, the atmosphere... it is physically impossible to re-create that at any other location. It wouldn't be the same, and every Rockfest concert-goer would recognize this immediately. One last thing... having gone to three separate Rockfests, and seeing the different bands play, I have to say that last years show was of epic proportions. Never ever be afraid to aim high... I know that you guys don't start looking for next years bands until later on this year, but I'm sure that bands like Metallica, Slipknot and ACDC would have no problem playing in such a large and rowdy crowd ;) just voicing my opinion. LONG LIVE ROCKFEST!
05/27/2010 10:22AM
cody m.
dude im already missing it best party of thee year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01/07/2011 2:00PM
Joseph Laisure
Hey I've been goin to Rockfest since 05, i shipped to Fort Benning GA in late July 2010 and now Im sittin down here waitin to start Ranger selection and want to know when Rockfest will be this year I dont get much time off right now and will have none when the class starts so I wont be able to listen for it on the radio any way you could help me out
01/24/2011 11:51PM
Pleased Additional Year harry! :)
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