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Well it has been just over a week since the big party and what a week it was.

With the media climbing all over us for "the destruction" of Liberty Memorial.

For the record it looks good out there.

Yes there was mud and some grass was smashed down but that happens every year.

And yes we do fix it every year!

I would say that since we have taken Rockfest back out to Liberty Memorial we have made the park a better place.

Yes it will cost a few bucks to re-seed but I cant imagine a better place to have Rockfest.

Rockfest has always been a show for you and the cash we can give to the Liberty Memorial is just a added bonus.

On a side note if you have never had a chance to go check out the museum there at the Memorial you really should.

I am a bit of a history nerd and would say it is put together really well.

It is one of the best I have been to!

So once again thank you very much for coming out to Rockfest, I hope you have made your full recovery, and are ready to do it again next year!


05/24/2010 11:37AM
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05/25/2010 7:20AM
Todd Walker
Kevin Kostner
05/27/2010 10:07AM
cody m.
yaaa man this years rockfest was the best soo far the rain helped so much i think it kept me cool. insted of seating my but off! best concert ive been to so far. and papa roach was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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