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Ryan Westward

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Movin' Day & My Arrest PT 2

You guys already know this weekend was Freaker's Ball! And one hell-of-a throwdown it was. Five Finger Death Punch was sick, All That Remains punched everyone squarely in the jaw. Opening acts Changing Faith & 2 Cents killed it. Shadow's Fall always comes to play and Killswitch Engage brought that East Coast attitude we all dug on! And hats off to the Costume Contest winner, The Tin Man! That outfit was stupid!

Sunday was a massive success too. Here's a headline directly from Animal Haven, "A record number of dogs and cats were treated to a new home for Halloween during Animal Haven’s Dogtoberfest Adopt-a-thon event.  Over 165 dogs, cats, and two rabbits were adopted during the 3-day event, reducing the amount of pets currently held at the shelter by 40%.  Many of the pets adopted over the weekend were dogs like Mischa, who had been at the shelter for over a year awaiting a caring home." I want to thank them again for having me out on Sunday from ten to noon.

I've also gotta show some love to Heritage Tow, who came to get my Vette over the weekend. Perfect timing as we finally got neighbors that moved in below us, on the 2nd floor....

Strange timing as we're now moved out. I've got some photos on a camera somewhere, I'll make sure to get those up soon as well as a little video I put together.

Now back to my arrest, last Monday, and the processing that took place in Olathe. To quickly recap: Seven days ago I was stopped in the Target parking lot by an officer from Mission for having expired tags. Upon running my licence he, and I, discovered there was a bench warrant for my arrest for an unpaid ticket of $130. After some back andforth between the officer, his partner, who said "Sir if you don't put your hands behind your back we will taser you", and I, I was "cuffed & stuffed" and driven to Olathe for processing. From all accounts I was given the longer ride to prove a point, but I digress. Once into the processing area my arresting officer as tells them I wanted a private cell because I'm some Radio Personality. I assure you I did not, but after my mug shot they put me into one.

Let's get into the mug shot, shall we??? After being processed a different cop had me come in, sit on the bench, remove my now shoe string-less shoes, remove my long knee high basket ball socks from the Will Farrel movie, "Semi-Pro", which the officer thought were "F**kin' Awesome". I told him thanks and proceeded to stand for my photo shoot. A female police officer, from here on out known as "Hot Cop", had me look directly ahead for the Kodak moment. Once completed I was free to make my phone call. I knew what I had to do, what would be expected of me in a time like this....

Call the studio!

So I did and much to my sha-grin Westward answered. We chatted for a few moments and I told him I'd do my best to be back by the Drive at Five. Hot Cop, AKA Tweety, or Birdie or Cricket reassured me "That won't happen". They all then proceeded to listen to Ryan berate me on air, while I was locked in the cell. Once sprung, bonded, bailed out (around 6PM) it took about another thiry minutes or so to get me completely out of the building. It was at this point I called A-Hole Bob, rushed back to fill in for Westward's seven to midnight shift since he covered my ass, and await all the fun that was and is still being had at my expense.

Don't forget, you have until 10/31 to enter into the "Incarceration Caption Contest" You could win tickets to Zombie, Chevelle, or Kiss!

10/26/2009 2:23PM
Movin' Day & My Arrest PT 2
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