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Motley 2014

Well after going to Motley shows for 28 years I think I may have seen my last one.
I know they are going to be in Nebraska in November but I don’t think I could top this last one.
I have seen Motley from the rafters, to the floor, and snuck my way up to front row many times. (I am not very sneaky I think the security guys just looked the other way.)
I have snagged may cool items over the years.  From picks, drum heads, and got a Jager bottle from Tommy a few years ago.
Nikki has spat blood on me, Vince and sweated on me, and I have smelled fresh brewed coffee on Mick as they came out for an encore.
I have had the opportunity to meet the band many times and I can say that for the most part they are a good bunch of dudes.
As a 16 year old kid seeing them (from the nose bleeds) in Iowa (never imagining I would meet them) to getting into radio and seeing them front row and meeting them.  Seeing them has given me an opportunity to flashback to those pimple faced fun days.

I know I have turned this into a long story but Motley has been such a big part of my life I just feel a little sad knowing it is over.
I have so many more stories of my Motley fun but I will wrap it up for now.
Till next time!
You know I'm a dreamer
but my heart's of gold
I had to run away high
so I wouldn't come home low
Just when things went right
It doesn't mean they were always wrong
just take this song, and you'll never feel
left all alone...

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08/14/2014 1:02PM
Motley 2014
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08/16/2014 9:52AM
avenged sevenfold
Why do you all not play this means war anymore?? Love the song.. BTW I'm liking the motley intro lol
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