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Posts from December 2013

Thank You!
Well it is official. We made it another year!
As we wrap up 2013 and look forward to 2014 I have to kick back and think of all the fun we had.
From the Low Dough’s to the Harley giveaway!
Sold out Rockfest, Freakers, and Twisted shows.
And the 20 year anniversary of the JDMS!
Because of you we also pulled off some really big charity events as well!
From the JDRF Thunder Run to Bikers for Babies.
And because of you we got our good friend Don Post the Humanitarian of the Year award from NASCAR.
I could spend the entire day listing off all of the stuff we have done together this year but I will spare you that.
Mainly I just want to say thank you.
January of 2014 will mark my 20 year affiliation with The Rock (I did have my 2 years break while I was in South Carolina) but here I am still.
When I started this business and got my first shot at working here I fully expected to be in Kansas City two maybe three years max (that is just the way radio works) but I am still here and can say with all honesty that this has truly become my home.
I have made some truly fantastic friends over the year and have had the opportunity to see individuals grow together as a family. Not just us as a staff but you have become part of our fun dysfunctional family.
Listening to Hope For The Holidays this year once again made that obvious as I would hear you calling in to help families that you did not know and may never even meet.
Kansas City, pat yourself on the back. You are truly a good group of people and I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to spend time with you and become friends with many of you along the way.
I have so much more to say but as I write this from the heart I realize I am tossing all the punctuation and stuff out the window (I am sure my wife’s head is spinning because of it) but when you are on a roll you are on a roll!
I better wrap this up but from the bottom of my heart thank you for letting me be part of your life for all these years!
Humbly Yours,

And here’s to 2014! 
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Did Not See This Coming....

Snooping around on line this morning and saw this.
I know they were planning on touring and a new record for '14 hope this does not slow it down.
Check it out.

SLIPKNOT has released the following statement:
"To our Maggots and fans around the world,
"It is with great pain but quiet respect that, for personal reasons, Joey Jordison and SLIPKNOT are parting ways. We all wish Joey the best in whatever his future holds.
"We understand that many of you will want to know how and why this has come to be, and we will do our best to respond to these questions in the near future.
"It is our love for all of you, as well as for the music we create, that spurs us to continue on and move forward with our plans for releasing new material in the next year. We hope that all of you will come to understand this, and we appreciate your continued support while we plan the next phase of the future of SLIPKNOT.
"Thank you, The 'KNOT"


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This is the last week to cast your vote.
Please do it.
This will be a huge honor for Don, Kansas City, and save a lot of kids!





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