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Posts from December 2012

Living The Dream!
Well 2012 has been a hell of a year.
We have had a lot of fun.
Seen many good shows together went on many good rides and had a one hell of a time.
What will 2013 bring?
I hope more of the same.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me join you in all the good times and some of the bad.
You hear me say “I’m living the dream” a lot around here and it is true.
If you would have told me 19 years ago this January that I would still be in KC now I would have thought you were crazy. That is just not the way it is in radio.  But other than a short 2 year hiatus in South Carolina I’m still here. And I am truly living the dream.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Thank you.
Your Friend Moose.
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Locations: South Carolina

Greatest Show On Earth!

It has been a bit of a running joke around here about how much Johnny love the Trans Siberian Orchestra.
I am sure you have heard the quote from him as it being “the greatest show on earth”!
Well Sunday I had the opportunity for the first time to see it and I have to agree.
Why have I missed this show for so many years!
It is truly a fantastic show.
And good for all ages.
You could bring the kids and your parents and everyone would enjoy it.
So yeah I am still going to bust his balls but I can say without a doubt it is a fantastic show!
Next ear you have to go see it!
Till next time!

Ps. This violinist is a full on ROCK STAR!


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Future of Lamb of God.

Just saw this on line.
Not sure what the future may hold for Randy but either way I would not want to spend any time in his shoes.

Check it out.

There's new news in the case of Lamb of God frontman D. Randall Blythe, who spent 37 days in prison in the Czech Republic this past summer after being arrested due to his possible involvement in an accidental fan death in May 2010. He may be free and on tour in the U.S., but the case is unfortunately not closed.

The Czech news portal Novinky.cz reports that the State Attorney's Office in Prague, Czech Republic has officially indicted the singer on manslaughter charges as of Friday, Nov. 30. The court has three months to set a date for trial or to send the case out for further investigation.

Blythe is staring down a possible sentence of 5 to 10 years, with no time off, if convicted. He has said that he will return to Eastern Europe to face any charges and to clear his name.

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