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Posts from November 2012

Looking forward to 2013
O to be a Chiefs fan this year.
This has been one for the record books for sure. And sadly not in a good way!
Watching the news last night they said this has been the worst season in the entire history of The Chiefs.
That would be OVER 50 years!
I am far from being an expert on this but one would have to think that someone is getting their ass chewed.

And if not they should.
As far as I am concerned this season is over. I would assume the players feel the same way.
I truly hope that we don’t lose some good players after this year because of it.
But here’s to 2013!
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Something to be proud of!
This will be a first for me as far as I can remember.
I wanted to chat a bit today about sports.
Yeah! Sports… As I am sure you have noticed this has not been a great year for the Chiefs.
The Iowa Hawkeyes have been a little bit disappointing this season as well.
There was a point not long ago that I actually thought about becoming a Packers fan.
I fought thru that but I have really taken notice of K State this year.
They hold the # 1 slot in the BCS now and that is awesome for the little guy.
To think that the little school just down the road is now the number one team in the land (at least for now) it is a hell of an accomplishment!
Well done K State! Be proud and take it to the end of the year!
That’s all I got.

Ps. This will probably be my last sports blog ever.
You were now a witness to history!
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