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Ryan Westward
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Posts from June 2012

Birth Week!
What a week!
As you may know last week was my birthday and thank you for calling in and texting all the birthday greetings!
It was a blast!
Kicked it off Wednesday night with the Crossfade show.
Known those guys for many years now and it is always good to see them.
Then I proceeded to eat and drink way too much!
Aren’t you supposed to do that?
Long story short… It’s a good thing we only have a birthday once a year!
At least in my case!

Till next time!

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100 Mile Radius!
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I am a new fan!
Made it out to the Seether, Bush, and Nickelback show last night as was really impressed.
Have seen Seether and Nickelback many times and have always enjoyed them a lot.
But for the first time I got to see Bush.
I think they are a good band but not a band that I ever felt the need to go out and see.
WOW, was I blown away.
They sounded great and the stage show was really good.
But when Gavin ran out and went through the crowd for two songs and did not miss a beat I was blown away.
You just don’t see that kind of performance anymore.
So I can honestly say that Bush you gained a fan with me last night!
Next time they come through be sure to cat than.
You will not be disappointed!
Till next time!

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