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What Could Go Wrong?

For me on this trip...A lot!


If you have ever been on a motorcycle trip you know that and accept that something will go wrong. Usually it’s a minor thing like breaking your sunglasses or forgetting clean socks. Sometimes all the minor stuff can happen in one trip! It all started Friday night as I was chasing thunder storms up in Iowa (never caught them but sure came close) but just west of Des Moines I felt a jerk on the bike and noticed that I had tore a strap off with my rear wheel. Nothing a bungee can’t fix so all was good. While checking in to hotel I felt something crawling on my stomach only to find out (quite painfully) that I had picked up a bee! Keep in mind it has been at least 20 years since I have been stung by a bee and I really thought it may kill me. As you can see I am still good and a few drinks made it all better. Flash forward to the last day on the road and killing a swath of bugs that would make the Orkin man feel bad. I look down to check my fuel switch and feel this cold blob hit my forehead. Thinking it was a damn big bug I glance in my mirror to see the largest splat of bird poop right smack dab in the middle of my head, and on my glasses, and on my vest, and even on my bike! This was a hit! In hind sight I should have taken a picture but all I wanted to do at this point was to get this get crap off my head a throw up. After a few swipes I got most of it and fought back the urge to vomit. After a few more miles I thought about what had happened and just how lucky I was to be checking my fuel switch or I would have gotten a mouth full. Even with all the little issues I had a blast and got to see my whole family so I would call it a win and next year I think I will take the bagger! Till next time! M
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Long Weekend!
It's almost time for another long weekend!
But take a minute this weekend when you are out having fun to remember why you have the time off.
Memorial Day is a great day to celebrate the fun times and see your friends and family.
But it is also to remember the men and women who have given their lives for us to be free and have this right to live in the best country in the world!

Go to the parades and grill out but thank the troops while you are doing so.
Have a safe and fun weekend!
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Thank You!
Thank you Kansas City once again. You made the 20th anniversary of Rockfest one of the most memorable I have been to. I can’t tell you how good it feels from our side to see all of you out there. And the way you treat each other is beyond good. I saw a lot of people get knocked down and pulled right back up and dusted off. Sure you had fun but you always made sure the person next to you was safe and happy as well. For that I say thank you! Thank you for coming out and can’t wait to do it again next year! M
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Just Too Strnge!

Had to share this one with you!

See ya at Rockfest Saturday!



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11 Days!
Holy hell it is getting close now! The biggest party of the summer kicks off on the 12th! We have the 15 bands, the autograph booth, the fireworks, the cheap beer and food, and the wedding! I hope you already have your tickets! If you still have questions. Just click over to the Rockfest part here and all info is there for you! Can’t wait to see you there! COME ON ROCKFEST! M
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