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Freakers Ball 2011


That was a hell of a show!
Sidewise, Hatebreed, Anthrax, and FFDP!
They all killed it!
But for me I have to say Anthrax was the hi light of the night.

Something about that band turns a good time in toa hell of a party!

I may be a bit biased from growing up with them but it sure was fun to get to see them live again!
Thanks to all of you who came out for the party!
See ya at the next one!
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What a weekend.

From Jackyl to the 4th race in the chace!
Lets not forget the tailgate party and all the fun in between!

Food, fun, and Family!
I could try to type it for ya but pics say it better!
Till next time!
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What a weekend!
Zombie came in for a Low-Dough with us and I have to say that was one of the best shows I have seen him do in a long time.

It was crazy hot out there but thank you to all who made it out and hung through the heat!
And even more thanks to you for making sure everyone was taken care of when they did get too hot.

Saw a lot of people fade out during the show but you grabbed them and sent them over the rail to get taken care of.

Thank you for that!
Damn that was a good show!
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A Very Motley Birthday!


Well last week was my birthday and I could not have thought of a better way to spend it than with my favorite band of all time...Motley Crue!
Mick looked better than he has in years, Tommy and Nikki were fantastic, and Vince did a really good job.

It was a hell of a way to spend my birthday!
And thank you to all who called in and texted birthday wishes!
It was a hell of a week!
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Welcome to the family!


Well last week we brought a new person into the fold of Harley Owners!
Big congrats to Dominick of KCMO for picking the right key and walking out with a brand new HD Fatboy and Camaro SS Convertible!
Well done man!
Enjoy many miles in the sun and will see you on the road!
Plus we had a great show with Nigel Dupree Band!
Thank for coming out and will see you this fall for the next one!
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Holy cow what a weekend!
Finally got a spring race out at the track and all I can say is DAMN!
The heat was on, the beer was cold (till the ice melted), and the fun was kick ass!
There is just something bad ass about spending a weekend grilling three meals a day with friends and family, and drinking beers before 8am.

Still in recovery mode from weekend but got some great pics for you to check out!
See ya at the fall race!
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It was a dark and stormy....


Thursday when  5 fearless men jumped on their trusty motorcycles and headed South for many fantastic adventures.

Wow, I just made that sound really cool!

And it was a hell of a trip!
Shot down to Arkansas for our spring trip where we drank too much, ate too much, and slept way too little!
But we did have a hell of a time and that is what it is all about.

We even picked up a stray Bob on Saturday!

And found a fish head on a stop sign?

If you have not made it down to Eureka and Hot Springs you really need to get it on your list of kick ass rides (close to home even)!

Working on the video as we speak but for now enjoy the pics!
See ya on the road and watch out for bikes please!

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What a day!
I can not tell you thank you enough for all the fun I had Saturday at Rockfest.

From Zakk at the start to fireworks at the end.

The wedding went off with a "hitch" thirty couples tied theknot and congrats to you!
Everyone was cool, no one went to jail, and I saw a ton of boobs...and Shrek!

Cant wait till next year!
Thank you Kansas City!

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Saturday is the day we have been waiting for.

Rockfest 2011 is so close now.

Been getting a lot of questions about what to bring and not.

If you need all the details you can find them at www.kcrockfest.com And I mean everything can be found there from autograph booth details to set times.

Check out the map so you have your day planned out.

Plus if you are wanting me to get you hitched at Rockfest under the FAQ section there is all the info about how to get you license from Missouri.

And yes you will need it that day or you will not be legally married.

But if you want to renew or just make a commitment ceremony that is cool too!
That's it for today!
See ya Saturday!

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17 Days...

Yup, that it!
It is almost like the countdown on 24.

17 Days to the biggest party of the year!
Rockfest 2011!
Hopefully you are all set with tickets and ready to go.

If not get them soon!
Remember Rockfest has SOLD OUT for the past 5 years.

I know you want to win them but that is not as easy as it sounds and it is always better to have tickets in hand instead of freaking out the day of and hitting up a scalper!
Plus this year I am going to get you hitched!
Every year we get a bunch of wedding requests for Rockfest and this year we are going to do it.

Yours truly can get you all legal on the big day!
Click over to the Rockfest page and check the FAQ section for all the details on what you need to bring!
Come on...could you think of a better place to tie the knot?
Till next time!
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Big News!

I know I am not the only guy who has rode up to a stop light and could not trip the sensor so I finally end up running said red light.

I have been lucky and never gotten stopped for it but many others have not been so lucky.

Saw this on the news last night!

The Governor of Kansas has signed the DEAD RED BILL. The Law would allow motorcycle riders and bicyclists to run the light if the light fails to turn green “within a reasonable period of time because of a signal malfunction or because the signal has failed to detect the arrival of the motorcycle or bicycle.”

Now don't go out and just run a bunch of lights!

But don't sit there for fifteen minutes either.

See ya on the road!
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It is that time of year again!

So I was watching the news last night and saw that we lost two over the weekend.

Please be careful out there.

And for those of you that dont ride.

Keep a eye out for us.

Thank you.

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So I was thinking...

...About Rockfest this morning and all of the fun stuff that I have seen or done over the past years and was trying to figure out what my best Rockfest memory was.

There have been many but I think last year has to be the winner.

As I was doing my broadcast looking over the crowd.  Everyone was caked in mud and soaking wet (big shock)

A mosh pit fired up right in front of me and  everyone was having a blast knocking each other around.

Well, as it progressed I noticed one guy (who was fully caked in mud) all of a sudden loose his jeans.

Nothing but a white ass hanging out!
I started to laugh but with the speed of a Ninja the guy hit the ground (I'm guessing a bit embare-assed that his jeans were down around his ankles) and the entire group that he was moshing with closed in around him.

In less than a second I see Mr. Bare Ass being hoisted back up by the belt loops.

Yes, his fellow moshers had come to his rescue!
There was a brief "you ok man" look among the group and the mosh was back on!

That right there is what I feel Rockfest is!
You may not know the guy or girl that you are next to but if your ass his hanging out they will help you get your jeans back on!

Can ya top that?
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What a week we have going here!
Less than a month and a half to Rockfest!
I trust you have already gotten your tickets because you have to be there and a new set of rides have come up for grabs today!
What are you going to choose?
Will it be the long haul cross country Ultra, the most bad ass Softail on the market The Fatboy, or are you thinking a pair of 48's?
No matter what you choose you can not go wrong!
And then I also assume you are a Rockaholic so we will be tossing you the keys to that 2011 Camaro SS!
That car is INSANE!
Go check out all the pics on the main page!
And good luck!
Ill be waiting on your call!
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More Snow?

It is weeks like this in late March that make me want to say many bad words.

I have had a cold of some sorts for all but two weeks so far this year!

Come on man...It is almost April, spring is really here and we are still getting snow!
What happened to global warming!
Till next time!

Ps. Yes in about 3 months I will be complaining about how hot it is!
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Here we go!

Well it is officially the first full day of spring.

Rockfest is on sale and congrats to the 30,000 plus that got their tickets on the pre-sale!

Well done on saving the cash.

Now if you did not get yours yet there are still plenty to go.

Get then soon!

As far as the parking and schedule time for all the bands it is all on our main page!
I'm ready for this!
Are you?
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Are You Ready!

After what seems like forever it is that time again!
Hope you tucked away a few bucks over the last week or so because the Rockaholic pre-sale  is going to start Wednesday morning. Twenty five bucks is all that is standing between you and this!




















See ya there!

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Rockfest 2011!

As of RIGHT NOW in one week we will know everything about Rockfest 2011.

So if you have some good ideas and are placing bets with your friends now would be the time to get after it!
Also every year I hear from people saying that they cant afford to get their tickets during Rockaholic pre-sale when that are cheaper.

Start scratching up the cash this week!

No sense in paying more than you need to for your tickets!
Till next time!

Ps. The Bob has authorized me to give out one hint...More than one of the bands has a "A" in their name! (thats all he gave me)
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Kid Rock!


Damn that was a good show!
I have been lucky enough to see Kid many times and although this show did go heavy on the new stuff it was still fantastic.

Kid in my opinion is one of the last great performers that are still on the road.

He does it all.

The lights, the fire, and the strippers!

God Bless America!
Till next time!
Good guessing so far!
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Now that I have your attention I would like to wish you a very happy Valentine's day!

Looks like a nice sunny day out there!

So, you read any good books?
Hummm. Sounds good.

Might have to pick that one up.

Well, guess I had better get going....

What...Rockfest info?
Not yet!
But yes it is on and we should have ALL the details here in about a month!
Till next time!

Ps. feel free to make a guess!
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Still Got It!


Yeah I am talking about Ozzy!
That man has been through the ringer and has forgotten more stuff that I could ever know but when it comes to a show DAMN!
Last week before the show I had quite a few people calling in saying that they really thought that they should go to the show because "this may be one of the last times to see him"...Well I have been thinking that for about 15 years!
I guess Sharon might let him retire sometime but for now he still has it!
What a show!
See you at the next one!
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Here we go!

Not sure if you heard it this morning but we just made the announcement that our first Low Dough show of the year is already getting fired up.

And yes it is the one and only Motorhead!
Lemmy and the boys will be bringing the loudest show on earth to Kansas City on Feb. 17 at The Midland.

And yes it is a Low Dough so that means you will get to see a killer show for $9.89

If you are a aRockaholic your ticket goes on sale Wednesday morning at 10 am.

Do not miss this one!

Ill see you there!
Till next time!
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Here we are 2011!

Well, it has been a good year so far.

Already been able to ride my bike to work (not a heat wave but good for January in KC)

We have a lot of good shows on the horizon.

Little rumors starting to float about Rockfest 2011 (and they sound good!)

Life is good!
Here is to a great start of 2011!

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Thats it!


 Well I cant believe that this will probably be my last blog of the year.

And what a year it was!

To start off the year I got married!

Seems like just yesterday we were talking about the first Harley giveaway of the year.

Then we were talking about Rockfest. (and yes we will be back!)

Then all the cool Low Dough shows.

Cant forget about Freakers Ball and then just a few nights ago we did Twisted Christmas.

This year has just flown by!
But as we roll up on Christmas and New Years I just wanted to say thank you for a kick ass 2010!
It was a hell of a year for me!

I hope you had as much fun as I did!

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Be safe, have fun, and I hope that all your wishes for a new year come true for you!

Here is to 2011!

More Harley's, more kick ass shows, and all the fun we can stand!
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Three Days...

Only three days left for you to claim your key for that new Fatboy Low and truck or car!

Now the big question is "how do I win a key"?
I dont really know so I am coming to you to help me and everyone else on this.

If you have won a key this time or in the past let me know!
(If you are willing to share your secret.)

Come on! Give it up!
Good luck!
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Dont Miss It!

So as I am sure you heard this morning we have made the announcement on Twisted Christmas!
This is going to be a hell of a show!
Hell Yeah, Red Line Chemistry you are familiar with and the two new ones Hail The Villain and A New Revolution are really good as well.

I have only had a chance to see them once but they both put on a hell of a show!

I think you will be more than happy with this one!
And for $ 9.89 you can NOT go wrong!
Hell you cant go to a bar show for that kind of money anymore!
Now remember that the Rockaholic pre-sale starts Wednesday morning at 10am.

Make sure you get in there and get your tickets ASAP!
This is one you will not want to miss!
Don't risk missing it because of a sell out!

See ya there!
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What a weekend!


I have never been so sore in my life...Or at least since this time last year.

As the fall air starts to creep in I feel the need to get a fire going in the fireplace.

Now I know a lot of people that will go toa store and get their firewood there but as a good Iowa boy I feel the need to harvest it myself.

And how may other appartment dwellers do you know that own a chainsaw!

So this weekend I made my yearly pilgramige to Oak Grove to see a friend of mine that has a tree removal business.

Long story short I filled two pickup trucks with wood and found a bunch of muscles I had no idea I even had.

Still hurts to type!
Till next time!
Ps. It better be cold this winter or I am going through this pain for nothing!
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Freakers 2010!


That was a hell of a show!
Yes this weekend we took over the Midland once again for Freakers Ball!
Thank you to everyone who made it out for the party.

The entire night was kick ass but I have to say that Drowning Pool sounded better to me than I had ever heard them!

Sevendust absolutely KILLED it and FFDP...Well what can you say about those guys other than KICK ASS!
And thank you to everyone who came out in costume!
What a night!

My only regret of the night was my phone died right after Sevendust so I did not get more pictures!

Till the next one!


Ps. And yest that was Westward dressed as the "Tooth Ferry"!
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There are a few weeks in the year that just seem to take forever for me.

You know what I am talking about.

The week that you are so excited about the weekend that it seems to take forever to get to it!

The week before vacation, Christmas, Rockfest, and NASCAR!

And yes this weekend NASCAR comes to KC!
I cant wait!
The grilling, the beer, the cars, and the track scene in general!

See you at the track!

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What a day!


Well when the alarm went off at 5:45 Sunday morning I was more than a bit tired but knew what I was about to do would be more than worth it!
Yep, it was time to jump on the bike and meet up with the crew at the Speedway for Bikers For Babies!
Other than cool temps and a little fog we could not have asked for a better day.

There is nothing better than riding with more than 6,000 of your friends!

Yes I said over 6,000 and we raised over 700,000 for Bikers For Babies!
Well done KC!

Thank you to everyone who came out and did the ride, tossed in some cash, or just sat on the side of the road cheering us on!

Till next time!
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This Weekend!

We need to jump on our bikes and go for a ride!
Its time for the 16th annual March Of Dimes Bikers For Babies ride!

I am sure you have heard a lot about this ride from us and hopefully you have already made it out and gotten yourself registered.

There is no better feeling in the world than going down the road with thousands of other bikes.

And to top it off seeing people on the side of the road cheering you on and knowing that you just rode your motorcycle and saved a life.

I can tell you honestly that at the end of the day you will have had at least one tear in your eye.

So make it out this week and get signed up.

It is only $35 per person but by the end of the ride you will more than feel good about what you just did!

See you at the Speedway Sunday for Bikers for Babies!

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Holy crap that was a great show!
This has been a great summer for shows and there are still a lot of good ones on the way but I would say that Slash by far is the best of the year.

Great mix from Solo and Snakepit days!
But for me getting to see the GNR and Velvet Revolver stuff blew me away!
I never did get to see GNR back in the day but feel like I made up for it at the show.

Rocket Queen was by far the coolest thing I have ever seen.

Then he jumped into a little blues jam!

I was blown away!

Miles did a killer job all the way around.

That guy can sing his ass off and did a fantistic job.

Who needs Axel?

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Well, it has a been a few days since Johnny's Birthday Bash and I have almost recovered!
What a party.

If you were there you know what I am talking about.

If you have never had a chance to "Feel The Steel" then you need to make it to one of their shows at some point!
From the big hair riffs to the comedy in between you just cant beat that band!
And did I forget to mention how many girls seem to loose their shirts at a Steel Panther show...Nuff said!
Better jump out for now!
See you at Slash Thursday!
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What a week!


Man, talk about a lot of good stuff going on.

It all started a week ago tonight we had the CD release party for Red Line Chemistry.

The boys did a killer job and congrats one making it into the bigs!

Then we had the Uproar Tour in town with Disturbed/A7X/Halestorm/HeallYeah and more.

Killer show even though I forgot to put on my sunscreen and burned the hell out of my head. (ps. I thought HellYeah killed it)

Now this week is flying by!
Johnny's birthday bash is Friday with Steel Panther and Craig Gass! (make sure you listen to win some tickets!)

Then Saturday night out in Bonner Springs for a free show with Rev Theory.

This has been one of those weeks that is just going too fast and is just loaded with good stuff!

Now I know you may be saying to yourself that I forgot the Slayer show....Well, I had planned to make it but I became a uncle on Monday so I had to go out and meet the little guy!

And yes. If you think I look scared in the picture I am.  That is the newest baby I have ever held!
Lets keep this going!
See you Friday at Johnny's Birthday!
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Well finally it looks like a few days under 100!
Not sure if it just me but this weather has been kicking my ass.

At one point last week (after what seemed like years of being in a "excessive heat warning") I realized I was in a BAD mood.

I thought that maybe it was just me but took a step back from my rage and noticed that quite a few of my friends were in the same boat.

It was the heat!

I have a lot of friends in law enforcement and I remember going on ride along during the summer and they would give me the heads up that that was the best time to go because everyone would be acting all crazy! (they were so right. I got to see some crazy stuff on those rides.)

Now I am sure that we are not done with this hot weather so when the temp starts to creep up again and you start getting the urge to "Hulk Out"  take a deep breath, find a cool place to hang out at, and calm yourself down.

It is just the weather!

Wow, this was a really random blog!

Ps. After this nice cool down I am no longer grumpy!

And yes I will probably be complaing about the cold here in a few months!
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Random rant!

Well as I was looking online today I noticed that a few people were talking about starting a boycott on BP.

This peaked my interest last week after reading that Korn was going to boycot  BP for all of their tour vehicles this summer.

Now I am all for expressing yourself.

If it is a boycott, not wearing fur, eating meat, or whatever.

But do you really think that a boycott of them is going to matter.

Sure it will touch the bottom line of the big company but you have to remember that it will really hurt the mom and pop that actually own the store.

Those are the people that live in our neighborhoods and go to our stores and spend money here locally!

I rarely go to BP other than for the higher octane for my bike but other than that I am all over the place.  Depending on price.

So if you are thinking about joining the boycott feel free to to so but you are only hurting the local guy.

Maybe if you really want to make a difference you should write your lawmakers or something that will go to the heart of the matter.

For me it is business as usual.

I am sure that BP not only sees this as a costly event for the environment but also the bottom line of the business.

That is a lot of cash spilling into the water that they will never see the money from!

This is just my opinion.

Feel free to disagree and do what you want!

Ps. Sorry to get all political on you!

Next week I will be back to boob, bikes, and rock n roll!
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Thunder Run 2010!


So there I was up early Saturday morning ready to go for a nice little ride up to Worth for 3rd annual Thunder Run for JDRF.

The sun was shining and the weather looked great.

Had my breakfast and ran through the shower.

Walking into the bedroom I heard what could best be described as a jet taking off....But it was rain.

Not really a normal KC type rain but something you would expect to see in a tropical rain forest.

So I tossed on my rain gear and full face and set off on my journey.

Going up 35 I notice cars pulled off to the side of the road waiting for it to let up (which it never did).

Finally Worth was in sight.

Surely no one would come out for this ride on a crap day like this.

I was wrong. I was met by many brave souls who came out.

After about a two hour delay for the weather we hit the road.

The streets were dry and we had a smooth ride.

To those of you who made it I would like to say "thank you" and for those of you who did not. It is all good. But I do expect to see you out there next year.

I have already put in a request for good weather!


Ps. Keep a eye out for a 100 Mile Radius featuring the Thunder Run soon!
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Well it has been just over a week since the big party and what a week it was.

With the media climbing all over us for "the destruction" of Liberty Memorial.

For the record it looks good out there.

Yes there was mud and some grass was smashed down but that happens every year.

And yes we do fix it every year!

I would say that since we have taken Rockfest back out to Liberty Memorial we have made the park a better place.

Yes it will cost a few bucks to re-seed but I cant imagine a better place to have Rockfest.

Rockfest has always been a show for you and the cash we can give to the Liberty Memorial is just a added bonus.

On a side note if you have never had a chance to go check out the museum there at the Memorial you really should.

I am a bit of a history nerd and would say it is put together really well.

It is one of the best I have been to!

So once again thank you very much for coming out to Rockfest, I hope you have made your full recovery, and are ready to do it again next year!

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We made it!


Well Saturday started out kind of sketchy.

It was raining fairly hard and the temp was not what I would consider warm to say the least.

But we did it!
Rockfest 2010 is now in the books and I had a blast.

I was cold, muddy, and soaked to the bone but I really think I had more fun at this one than any other Rockfest to date.

I love it all.

The mudslides and wrestling!

I did see at one point a guy in the pit accidentally drop his pants because of all the mud and then  he himself hit the ground.

Everyone stopped for a second picked up the guy and helped him get his pants back up then got back to the mosh! (lets face it you really don't want to slam into a guy with his pants down around his ankles)

And the bands were killer.

From Taddy Porter to Godsmack!
There were a few stand out moments for me.

Lizzy coming on stage with Seether to do "Broken" the drum solo during Godsmack, the look on the lead singers face of Taddy Porter as he came out to open the show and saw all of you there (priceless).

The list goes on and on but I will not bore you with a bunch of words.

You were there!
Thank you so much!
Lets do it again!
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What a weekend!


So this weekend was a blast.

A friend of mine who is a film maker invited me to be in his new zombie flick called Final Stand.

After about a fourth of a second thinking on it I seaid HELL YEAH!
I had never been in a movie before and from the actual shooting to the make up it was a blast!

Not to give away too much of the story but I was a zombie!
And I think a damn good one at that!

I have one scene where I am pinned by a truck and it was insane to shoot!
Cant wait to see it when it is all put together!
Not sure on the when it will be done editing but will let you know when I do!
We will grab some popcorn and a few brains and check it out!
Till next time!

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Getting close now.

Twelve days from now we will be tearing it up at Rockfest.

I just hope that you are as ready as I am.

Rockfest to me has really become a lot like Christmas to me.

It seems that I start looking for hints and clues around the first of the year.

Now here it is just days away.

Lots of questions coming in as far as times for the bands on stage and at the autograph booth.

Jump over to the Rockfest page for all of those details.

Talked to Bob this morning and found out that the hotel packages are SOLD OUT and that the tickets are getting close.

I don't need to tell you this but get your tickets as soon as you can.

All of your friends are going to be there and it just would not be the same if you did not make it!

Till next time!
See you in twelve days!
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Another great show!


Made it out to the Nickelback show last night and I have to say those guys really do put on a hell of a show.

Got stuck in traffic on the way out so I missed Sick Puppies but got in for the whole set of Shinedown.

I have never seen those guys put on a bad show and last night was no exception.

As far as a band that can put the crowd right into the action they are the kings of it.

Also nice to have the tribute to Dime during Simple Man.

Breaking Benjamin did a really good set.

They kind of kicked it up a notch and did allot of the harder stuff.

Nickelback was amazing as well.

They have a week off so I think they had a bit more fun with the set than I remember from the last time they were in.

From Burn It To The Ground to the Garth Brooks and GNR covers they put on a hell of a show.

One part in particular that I enjoy with Nickelback is during Picture they roll lots of photos from their past and put in a bunch of picture from KC.

All in all it was a great show!
Till next time!


Ps. Get your Rockfest tickets! I want to see you there!
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Two word for you...


O my god ac/dc kicked soo much ass last night I hope you were there becuse it was the best show I have ever seen in my life! Really!

Ok, that might have been more than two word but you get the point!

I know AC/DC has been around for a long time but for a band that started out in '73 they can still bring it like no one else.


I have had the honor to see many great concerts but last night will go down as one of the best in my book!

For Those About To Rock  (thank you AC/DC!)

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