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Vacation 2011


Well it was about a week ago that KC was deep in the heart of one hell of a heat wave.

For me though it was not too bad. I was looking at a high of 81 when it was 110 here!

Headed up to northern Minnesota for a few days in a cabin on Leech Lake.

I will be the first to admit that my idea of "roughing it" is having a hotel room with the remote stuck to the night stand but after a night and a few bottles of Jack I have to admit it was really kick ass.

Sure there were a few kinks in the trip.

Bear poop right next to the cabin, a circuit breaker that would click off, (at the worst time) and a fight to the death with a bat but other than that it was a hell of a trip.

To explain the circut breaker and poor timing....It was Monday night of vacation and things were good. We had a wicked thunderstorm going and were out on the screen room.

Jess had gone into the cabin for another drink and I suddenly felt a little flutter go past my head.

I dismissed it as a bug or maybe the Jack was really starting to kick in.

Then it did it again...I could see in the twilight a small figure circling the room.

With my Ninja/Cat like skills I dove into the cabin.

It was about the time I slammed the door that Jessica asked what was going on? I could only reply in a pant "bat".

As a man I realized (after my heart slowed down a bit) that I had to do something.

I knew that there was a fish net next to the fridge (on the patio with the bat) So I "sacked up" and low crawled to the net.

After that I launched myself back into the cabin and caught my breath.

Finally I realized the bat was not going to leave on his own.

So I (with the help of Jess and her small flash light from in the cabin) made my way out to the patio again.

It was me or him so after a few sweeps in the air with ZERO luck I decided it was time to put some light on the situation and finish this fight once and for all.

So with the net in front of my face I reach up to pull the light cord and just as I get to it I hear "click" as the breaker goes out and that is almost instantly followed by hysterical laughing (Yes, Jess thought this was the best thing ever)

Finally 3 sweep later victory was mine.

He put up a good fight but learned that in the end nothing stands or flys between me and my drink.

Feel free to play "The Great Outdoors" scene in your head now.

Not as many miles as usual but sometimes you need to take a vacation and not a death trip! (or at least death by road)
Till next time!
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Ok, so Friday I start my vacation and I have to tell ya...This has been the longest week in the history of the world.

Other than the week before the last vacation, and the one before that, and the one before that, and so on.

Why is it that the week before vacation ALWAYS takes so damn long.

That's all I have for today.

One week from right now I will be in Northern Minnesota drinking a beer and catching fish!
Till next time!
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Arkansas 2011 Ride

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Memorial Day 2011


Ever had one of those trips where you really kind of felt like a real life biker!
Where you get home so filthy that one shower and a 3M pad was not going to cut it!
You know what I'm talking about.

Well, I had that this weekend.

It all started last week when I found out Jess could not make the ride home in Northern Iowa  due to work. So I figured I would fire up the Springer and "rough it" on my own.

I had forgotten how much fun that bike was to take on a good long trip.

No radio, GPS, windshield, and a bit of a rough ride.

Fairly sure that I killed a swath of bugs up 35 that would make a bug zapper proud!

Got to see a bunch of good friends and family from home!

It was 800 miles of kick ass!

Seriously I cant remember the last time I have walked in the door looking and feeling as grimy!
But then as I am siting in my easy chair reflecting on the ride and telling Jess about it I got to the part where I was siting by a camp fire with my friend Dave drinking bourbon and a pack of baby kittens  came up....Well....Lets just say "Uncle Moose" melted and  fell to the ground and played with them for a good hour.

Yup...Im a bad ass!
Till next time!

Ps. The were cute as hell!
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It was a dark and stormy....


Thursday when  5 fearless men jumped on their trusty motorcycles and headed South for many fantastic adventures.

Wow, I just made that sound really cool!

And it was a hell of a trip!
Shot down to Arkansas for our spring trip where we drank too much, ate too much, and slept way too little!
But we did have a hell of a time and that is what it is all about.

We even picked up a stray Bob on Saturday!

And found a fish head on a stop sign?

If you have not made it down to Eureka and Hot Springs you really need to get it on your list of kick ass rides (close to home even)!

Working on the video as we speak but for now enjoy the pics!
See ya on the road and watch out for bikes please!

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Big News!

I know I am not the only guy who has rode up to a stop light and could not trip the sensor so I finally end up running said red light.

I have been lucky and never gotten stopped for it but many others have not been so lucky.

Saw this on the news last night!

The Governor of Kansas has signed the DEAD RED BILL. The Law would allow motorcycle riders and bicyclists to run the light if the light fails to turn green “within a reasonable period of time because of a signal malfunction or because the signal has failed to detect the arrival of the motorcycle or bicycle.”

Now don't go out and just run a bunch of lights!

But don't sit there for fifteen minutes either.

See ya on the road!
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It is that time of year again!

So I was watching the news last night and saw that we lost two over the weekend.

Please be careful out there.

And for those of you that dont ride.

Keep a eye out for us.

Thank you.

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Have you ever...


...had one of those weekend that you were just not quite ready to have end?
Well, I am going through that today.

Over the weekend (that started on Thursday) Johnny, The Bob, Jack (from sales but a good one) and I all took off for Arkansas.

We have had many trips like this and seen a bunch of cool stuff but this was by far the best trip I have been on!
The weather could not have been better!
Cool forties at night and warm upper seventies lower eighties all day.

Not a drop of rain and the roads were good and fast!

Lucked out and got to see Nigel and Jackyl doing a show at the fairgrounds in Hot Spring. (I had never felt more at home!)

If you ride I am sure you have made the journey to Eureka and Hot Springs but if you have not you really need to make it down there for a weekend.

I would strongly recommend Hwy. 7 and The Pig Trail!
Two roads that will put a grin on your face ear to ear!

You can do this ride in two days but I would recommend taking 3 so you get a chance to look around.

The girls will love Eureka for all of the little shops and us guys just like a good road.

Not to mention you can check out Turpentine Creek (the big cat refuge) in Eureka that is fun for both of you!

Try to stay at Riders Rest there as well.

Nice open fire pit and the view is killer!

You cant beat this run for as close to home as it is!
I do have many other story's to share about the trip but you will have to ask me in person (at least until the statue of limitations runs out) but it will make a hell of a book down the road!

Be safe!
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What a day!


Well when the alarm went off at 5:45 Sunday morning I was more than a bit tired but knew what I was about to do would be more than worth it!
Yep, it was time to jump on the bike and meet up with the crew at the Speedway for Bikers For Babies!
Other than cool temps and a little fog we could not have asked for a better day.

There is nothing better than riding with more than 6,000 of your friends!

Yes I said over 6,000 and we raised over 700,000 for Bikers For Babies!
Well done KC!

Thank you to everyone who came out and did the ride, tossed in some cash, or just sat on the side of the road cheering us on!

Till next time!
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This Weekend!

We need to jump on our bikes and go for a ride!
Its time for the 16th annual March Of Dimes Bikers For Babies ride!

I am sure you have heard a lot about this ride from us and hopefully you have already made it out and gotten yourself registered.

There is no better feeling in the world than going down the road with thousands of other bikes.

And to top it off seeing people on the side of the road cheering you on and knowing that you just rode your motorcycle and saved a life.

I can tell you honestly that at the end of the day you will have had at least one tear in your eye.

So make it out this week and get signed up.

It is only $35 per person but by the end of the ride you will more than feel good about what you just did!

See you at the Speedway Sunday for Bikers for Babies!

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Vacation 2010: The Final Leg

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Vacation 2010- The Second Leg

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Vacation 2010 - The First Leg

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Summer Vacation 2010


Been back for a few days now after a epic ride through this beautiful country of ours and all I can say is damn what a ride.

I had a huge story all planned out in my head to tell you about the trip but I think pictures say so much more!

So here is the brief run down....

Took a nice big loop up through Nebraska into Wyoming where we made a stop in Yellowstone for Old Faithful.

Shot up into Montana to check out Glacier National Park.

Then rode down to South Dakota through Sturgis.

We saw snow, bald eagles in flight, moose, elk, buffalo, (had a buffalo rib-eye in Cody Wy. that would melt in your mouth) had a  random goat walk up to us in Glacier, got in on a cattle drive on the highway in Montana, (yeah, running down a two lane and all of a sudden there was a her of cattle on the road) and so much more.

Had a few morning where the temps were in the 30's and only got into the 60's also had a few days near 100.

I am not saying that traveling by motorcycle is the only way to travel but if you want to get the sights, sounds, the smells (some not so good) and all of the views I don't think you can top it.

At some point in your life  you need to get out there and find a nice little two lane that you can have some fun with, eat some truck stop food, drink the local beer get a speeding ticket in Montana doing 86 (pay your ticket on sight...$20...yup thats it) and see the sights.

Dont be afraid of getting a little dirty and tired.

See you out there on the road!


Ps. Got some great video on this trip.

Check back soon for it!

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Vacation Here I come!


So it has been about seven months since my last little break from work and next week I begin my journey to parts unknown.

Yes, it is finally time to fire up the bike and go for a ride.

Nothing locked in yet as far as a destination but looks like we might make it out to Yellowstone and Glacier National Park.

Ok, that is all I have for today.

It is too close now to stay focused!!
Check back in about a week for all the pics!

Till then ride safe!
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Thunder Run 2010!


So there I was up early Saturday morning ready to go for a nice little ride up to Worth for 3rd annual Thunder Run for JDRF.

The sun was shining and the weather looked great.

Had my breakfast and ran through the shower.

Walking into the bedroom I heard what could best be described as a jet taking off....But it was rain.

Not really a normal KC type rain but something you would expect to see in a tropical rain forest.

So I tossed on my rain gear and full face and set off on my journey.

Going up 35 I notice cars pulled off to the side of the road waiting for it to let up (which it never did).

Finally Worth was in sight.

Surely no one would come out for this ride on a crap day like this.

I was wrong. I was met by many brave souls who came out.

After about a two hour delay for the weather we hit the road.

The streets were dry and we had a smooth ride.

To those of you who made it I would like to say "thank you" and for those of you who did not. It is all good. But I do expect to see you out there next year.

I have already put in a request for good weather!


Ps. Keep a eye out for a 100 Mile Radius featuring the Thunder Run soon!
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Worthstock 2010!


Well that was a hell of a day.

I was hot, sweaty, and having a blast for 12 straight hours!

If you are not sure what I am talking about.

Saturday we took over Worth Harley Davidson North for the grand opening of the new store.

Worth had it all for us!
Beer, bikes, BBQ, and bands!
The bands were great!

Jackyl always kills it, Nigel was great, Federation did it up, LPP kicked 10 kinds of ass, and I was really pleased with Billy Ray!
And did I forget to mention The Flaunt Girls were there as well!?
It was a great time!

At one point I was walking around and saw Rick Worth just standing there with the look of "what the hell did I get myself into" and then he just started to smile!

As we were heading home in the line of bikes with the wind blowing I almost felt as if I was leaving Sturgis.

I would like to say thank you very much to Worth Harley Davidson North for throwing one hell of a party and I think we should do it again next year!

Till next time!


Ps. Dont forget that this weekend I have the JDRF Thunder Run up at Worth!
Be there about 10 for pre-reg.

All the cash we raise goes to fight juvenile diabetes!
Its a great ride for a great cause and we will have Shamens Harvest playing at the end for you!
Come on out!

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