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Arkansas 2011 Ride

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Big News!

I know I am not the only guy who has rode up to a stop light and could not trip the sensor so I finally end up running said red light.

I have been lucky and never gotten stopped for it but many others have not been so lucky.

Saw this on the news last night!

The Governor of Kansas has signed the DEAD RED BILL. The Law would allow motorcycle riders and bicyclists to run the light if the light fails to turn green “within a reasonable period of time because of a signal malfunction or because the signal has failed to detect the arrival of the motorcycle or bicycle.”

Now don't go out and just run a bunch of lights!

But don't sit there for fifteen minutes either.

See ya on the road!
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It is that time of year again!

So I was watching the news last night and saw that we lost two over the weekend.

Please be careful out there.

And for those of you that dont ride.

Keep a eye out for us.

Thank you.

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Is it spring yet?


...Not quite.
Still snow on the ground but for the rest of the week we are going to be above freezing.
Before you know it we will be back on the road and hopefully soon F'Em Up and myself will be getting some good 100 Mile Radius in here for you.
We have been talking quite a bit about some good locations but always open for more.
If you have a killer ride in your area let me know.
Just post here or shoot me a email at moose@989therock.com
Till then go out and get yourself a new piece of chrome, that new exhaust, or grab a sled and find suicide hill!

Be safe!

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Winter Rides...

Well it has been a while since I have been able to get out and do a "100 Mile Radius" for you.
I'm chomping at the bit and was really wishing the weather would hold out for a good one this week.
I'm not one to park the bikes up for winter but I do have a few things to make it easy to jump out for a spin on that 40 degree late December day.
First of all make sure you have most of the gunk and grime off your bike.
Even if you are just going to park her for a week or two the rust can really get a bite into your ride quick.
On my Springer with a carb I usually park it with the gas off and run the motor till the bowl is empty.
This cuts back on the amount of varnish that can build up and always make sure that you park them with a full tank of gas.
With the change in temps we have in here in Kansas City you can get allot of condensation in your tank.
Most importantly go out and blow the thirty bucks on a battery tender.
I have a little "pig tail" that comes out under my seat so I don't have to do anything but plug it in when I park.
I also keep a thin strip of wood under my kickstand so there is no metal to garage floor contact.
Not sure how important that is be have not had a dead battery since I started doing it.
Nothing sucks more than waking up to a sunny beautiful winter day and finding out that your battery is dead.
If you are going to park your ride for the season make a run up to your dealer for all the good winterization info but remember we live in a mild climate here and when it is sunny and nice in the middle of winter Ill be on the road loving every minute of it.
Till next time!

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