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Michael Jackson

So here is the deal for about 3 weeks we have been hearing about Michael Jacksons death.

I get it, I'm not ashamed that back in the day I thought he was cool as hell.
But the years passed and I discovered Motley, AC/DC, Metallica, GNR, and the list goes on.
I chose those bands and styles to embrace rather than the pop side.

Still for the past few weeks all I see online and on TV is MJ this MJ that.

Yeah, Thriller, Bad, Smooth Criminal, and the many other hits were awesome and still are.
But has he really done anything for years.
Should I still be obsessed?
Don't get me wrong I would have loved to had the chance to see him in concert but that cant happen now.
Just like I can never see Elvis, Floyd, or The Grateful Dead.

Lets move on now please.

Sorry about the rant.
I'm just tired of it.


07/07/2009 10:41AM
Michael Jackson
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07/09/2009 11:13AM
Tess Smith
I couldn't agree more!
07/25/2009 5:01PM
Finally no more sleep overs If the monkey could talk we would all know the truth
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