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Metallica vs. Maiden?

In a recent interview Iron Maiden front-man Bruce Dickinson was quoted as saying, "I got into trouble for saying that we're better than Metallica… and, it's true! They might be bigger than us and they might sell more tickets than us and they might get more gold-plated middle-class bourgeoisie turning up to their shows but they're not Maiden."

What's your take?

Are Maiden better than Metallica?

06/07/2011 7:57AM
Metallica vs. Maiden?
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06/07/2011 3:47PM
ha ha anyone that would possibly argue that selloutica is a better band than IRON MAIDEN... SIMPLY because they've "sold" more CDs or "sell" more tickets... as if SALES means everything??? well i guess YOU'd have to say that JUSTIN BIEBER is better thanboth! yeah think about that for a minute. now shut up and go blare The Trooper at full volume HA HA.
06/13/2011 5:56PM
metallica is and always will be better than maiden because they have better songs and are better musitians and st. anger is WAAAAAAAY better than the trooper oh and there master of puppets, saniterium, one, ride the lightning, and metalica has a video game does maiden.... i dont think so
06/13/2011 7:55PM
chealsey jean
ya umm i been a Metallica girl sence i was born i grew up with it, and i also grew up with the Maiden, now im only 16 but Metallica is by far my favorit, they have alot of soul and pain in there music its amazing, so i choose Metallica over the Maiden any day. but like i said before its not that i dont think the Maiden is bad music. i just believe Metallica seeks and destroys all;)
06/15/2011 9:41PM
chealsey jean
james...you said it all bro!
06/17/2011 3:58PM
apples and oranges
06/25/2011 7:24PM
last i check record sales and tickets represent people and i beleive the people have spoken,now of course that comes from someone who thinks the coolest thing about iron maiden is the art on the albums.so its my opinion.
07/31/2011 3:13PM
dude, maybe metallica sells more, so what, i listen to them both
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