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Memorial Day 2011


Ever had one of those trips where you really kind of felt like a real life biker!
Where you get home so filthy that one shower and a 3M pad was not going to cut it!
You know what I'm talking about.

Well, I had that this weekend.

It all started last week when I found out Jess could not make the ride home in Northern Iowa  due to work. So I figured I would fire up the Springer and "rough it" on my own.

I had forgotten how much fun that bike was to take on a good long trip.

No radio, GPS, windshield, and a bit of a rough ride.

Fairly sure that I killed a swath of bugs up 35 that would make a bug zapper proud!

Got to see a bunch of good friends and family from home!

It was 800 miles of kick ass!

Seriously I cant remember the last time I have walked in the door looking and feeling as grimy!
But then as I am siting in my easy chair reflecting on the ride and telling Jess about it I got to the part where I was siting by a camp fire with my friend Dave drinking bourbon and a pack of baby kittens  came up....Well....Lets just say "Uncle Moose" melted and  fell to the ground and played with them for a good hour.

Yup...Im a bad ass!
Till next time!

Ps. The were cute as hell!

05/31/2011 10:00AM
Memorial Day 2011
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