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Married to Rock

New show I've been checking out, not sure if you've seen it yet. It runs on E! on Sundays and follows the lives and wives of Perry Farrell, Duff Mckagan, Steve Stevens and Billy Duffy (girlfriend of Billy not wife). So far I have to say this....Etty Farrell, you could very well be the Yoko-Ono of Jane's Addiction. You're not a singer. I don't know what it is with people going out and singing, what basically amounts to karaoke, and somehow thinking they're legitimate (P.S. Death to American Idol) but going on stage at Lallapalooza and singing Blondie's "Call Me" doesn't equal you being an artist....leave the singing to your husband and for the love of pete PLEASE don't try to release an album!!

........What do you mean she'll probably never read this??

Ok, off my soap box now :)

11/14/2010 11:51AM
Married to Rock
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12/23/2010 7:47AM
certificate of incorporation
Nice site, nice and easy on the eyes and great content too.
01/24/2011 4:27PM
At least we get to see lesbian video star Josie Stevens, her stage name is Frankie Dashwood.
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