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Look out!

Once again it is time to break  the bikes out and get ready for another season.

I have already heard of some of our fellow riders going down.

This time of year is very dangerous for riders.

First off we have not had as much saddle time and some of the reflexes may be a bit rusty.

Second, there is a ton of salt and sand still on the roads from all the snow we had.

Third, our four wheel friends have not seen us out much lately.

So as you get your bike all ready for the beautiful weather give yourself a reminder that is is a little risky out there and to be as safe as you can.

For me a ride is the best way to get the head clear.

If I have had a bad day or just need to escape that is the means in which I choose to do it.

But on the same hand nothing will jack up your day worse that a wreck!
So please be careful as you go out for your ride and for those of you on four wheels  please give us a little bit of space.

We may be able to miss you if you pull out in front of us but me personally...I dont want to have to.

And for those of you on two wheels...Be smart when you ride.

That is my dad speech for today.

Now get out there and have some fun!
Ill see you on the road!


03/08/2010 1:14PM
Look out!
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03/12/2010 11:23AM
Moose - thanks for puttin' this out there. I hate to sound like an old man preachin' but I don't want to see anybody laid out injured, or worse, killed. I was glad for the last couple of days rain to wash some of this junk off the roads. Nothing likea nice patch of gravel and sand to (literally) wreck your day. Keep it between the ditches and see ya on the road. Ted
03/12/2010 11:13PM
I'm jealous... but will get my fair share of ridin' in when I get back stateside!! Stay Shiny Side Up my friend!
03/15/2010 9:13AM
I dont ride..... never have and would love to. That being said, I love seeing you guys riding, and cant wait to some day join you. Here's one person on 4 wheels that watches for you guys. Wish everyone else did. Stay safe and be careful.
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