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Life in the City: The Sting. (With Photos!)

After I had finished my breakfast this morning and wrote a quick blog about the Leonard Cohen concert last night at The Midland, I was checking emails and kept hearing an insane amount of police sirens. You know those quick little bursts of bells and whistles informing YOU, the driver, you needed to pull over. Upon inspection I found out it was a "Sting"... at least I guess that's what you'd call it.
Here's how it goes:

On can only assume this normal looking individual is a plain clothes police officer. His job, if you will, is to enter the crosswalk and proceed across the street. Note the "Pedestrian Crossing" sign.



As the cars approach, they're supposed to yield to pedestrians.


This person, clearly, didn't. And the hawk was waiting!



Sucka's last moment of freedom!




You'd think this guy would be safe. Clearly the "cop" isn't onto his side of the street yet. But...


Busted too!

And look who came out to report! Who is that? Channel 9, maybe 5? How'd you guys hear about this? Just curious :)


Lesson here is simple kids, when seeing a person or persons crossing inside their little safety box AKA the cross walk, might wanna slow down and let them through. You never know, they might nab you and give you a ticket!

11/10/2009 11:23AM
Life in the City: The Sting. (With Photos!)
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11/10/2009 11:25AM
F 'Em Up Chuck
Citizen Journalism at its finest...you're an upstanding man, Mr. Nivens.
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