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Life in the City:

As of lately I've been posting little nuances and whatnot's, on Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter, from all that I see and do living downtown and the expression when seeing/hearing these things is, "Life in the City".  When I made a post recently about "Life in the City" and incorporated something about The Plaza David, from Ohio, pointed out that The Plaza wasn't "the city, but nothing more than a shopping experience in the 'burbs". Now he's partially correct, but seeing as The Plaza is part of Midtown one could deduce, then, that The Plaza fits the expression of "Life in the City".  In fact, seeing as my life mostly consists of living and playing in Downtown/Westport/Plaza/and on occasion Strawberry Hill in KCK and working at 98.9 in Mission the expression, "Life in the City" encompasses anywhere I am in the "Urban Core".

With that, let us proceed to some of my "Life in the City" postings:

Life in the City: I just saw the real life Jay and Silent Bob, aged fifty to sixty.

Life in the City: When visiting KC pay attention to ALL street lights please. One of you out of towners nearly T Boned us!

Life in the City: When making a left hand turn and someone's walking across the crosswalk with their dog, don't be a dick! Let them cross.

Life in the City: Only here can you walk into a Petco to get your vehicle tags renewed at the DMV.

Life in the city: Some hillbilly crosses a busy intersection on the Plaza, drunk, doesn't have a green light and tells me to 'F off!' when we honk at him so we don't hit him.

Life in the City: The window cleaner on Westport Road gets arrested by the man!

Check back often, as I'll be updating regularly!

10/28/2009 4:32PM
Life in the City:
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10/28/2009 5:41PM
Randy Sipes
Life in the City: One Adam Twelve...One Adam Twelve...Be on the lookout for white caucasian male, bald, not armed or dangerous...known as "NIVENS"
10/28/2009 8:39PM
Don't forget those busy street corners where try as we may, we try not to look at the guy and even more recently the gals who stand there with their signs. Do we give them a dollar or just indiscreetly catch a glance and feel very lucky we are not wherethey stand? I've done both, often at the same time.
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