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Jesus F**k, what a morning.

Ali, my girl, stayed home because she's sick. New dog took a crap in the hallway around 8:30 because it seemed like such a great spot. Didn't tell us, warn us, or anything. Just popped a squat! After picking that up and mopping, Rafi, our other dog, laid down some wicked diarrhea. After cleaning that up she puked everywhere. OK, I can handle this. Wait, what's that sound? Is that Harland Williams in Dumb & Dumber making that click, click sound when he takes a swig of piss out of a beer bottle? No; it's Chong, our cat, spittin up a furball on the only rug we have in our loft. It was a nice rug too. Really tied the room together & ALL OF THIS BEFORE NOON!

01/13/2010 2:14PM
Jesus F**k, what a morning.
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01/15/2010 12:44AM
Dude... crappy for a normal person.. but thats what I do at work... I'm An Aid at a nursing home... All we do.. we wipe butts all day and randomly through the night and by wipe butts, thats dealing with crap, or anything else my residents decide to do..LOL! I change diapers dude.... on old people... oh well
01/15/2010 11:55AM
Nice! My mutt had diarrhea and was puking in random spots all over the house yesterday (I found a couple with my foot!). She's lucky she's cute!
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