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Posts from December 2013

Hump Day Poll

The Foo Fighters are heading to Mexico for a couple shows but beforehand did a warm up show at a pizza joint in Moorpark California which got me thinking.
What random, off the wall place, would you love to see the Foo Fighters play in?
There's no wrong answer here!


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Metallica Live In Antarctica!
#FreezeEmAll was what Metallica called their little expedition to Antarctica and judging by this video it certainly was a chilly Fother Mucker!! There's a little intro with a host and then the video starts up! Good thing they didn't melt too manyfaces!! 

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Hump Day Poll

It was Ozzy's birthday the other day, which made me wonder...

Who's gonna die first?

Ozzy, Lemmy, or Keef (Keith Richards)???

75% believe Lemmy's the guy they think is gonna die!

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Manson's New Flick?
"Wrong Cops" indeed! Not sure when this movie's coming out but I suspect I'll be seeing it. What about you? Would you watch this?

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