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Oh how I love frivolous lawsuits in America!
This one comes out of the NYC:

It seems a Delaware man, Gerard Wall, is suing Larry Flynt's Hustler Club in Manhattan alleging that after being "provided with two alcoholic beverages" a lap dancer took Mr. Wall into a private room. 90 minutes passed and Gerard has no clue what happened next, except for a credit card charge of $21,620.60!

Two things here:
1st) Wife found the charge on the bill, and this is the best defense he can come up with?
2nd) When did we start tipping dancers in change?
"Here ya go honey!  Here's a $1.57!  Show daddy what you got!!"


01/20/2010 2:37PM
Insert Joke Here...
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01/20/2010 2:50PM
Now come on give the guy a break.... I hear those Appletini's go straight to your head...
01/20/2010 4:52PM
21 thousand dollars?? She wasn't just giving a dance!
01/22/2010 6:41AM
Definition of Disappointment Running into a wall with a boner and breaking your nose first!!!
02/08/2010 7:59PM
hay can u play inside the fire (: ROCK ON BROTHER
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