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Ryan Westward
Ryan Westward
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I used one of my favorite toilets yesterday...

And in the process, somehow, lost my wallet.

I'll get to the wallet in a minute. I've realized in life it truly is all about the "little things". From a simple phone call to your mom to tell her you love her, to a car ride with an old friend to catch up and  even to using one of your favorite toilets.

Yesterday I sat on the throne I'd sat on for years before and, subsequently, hadn't used in the six months I've been gone. As I perused an article in Playboy, yes I was actually reading an article... I'd already looked over the photos, I again felt back at home here at The Rock!

Once I returned home my happiness turned to confusion. "Where the hell was my wallet?" I called Westward in the studio and asked him to check my desk; to no avail. I scoured my bag. Nothing. I double-checked my Vette. Nope.

Hmmm... was there some bathroom Gremlin I didn't notice, swiping wallets from unsuspecting goofs not paying attention? Highly unlikely, but not totally out of the question.

So I came in early today. If that little bastard (Gremlin) was using my credit cards to order some wicked off the wall porn from Germany or say Japan, well damnit, I was gonna catch him in the act...

My wallet was left in the pocket of my sweatshirt I left behind... I'll say it for you, "WHAT A DUMBASS!"

Did I mention how excited I am to be back :)

10/08/2009 11:41AM
I used one of my favorite toilets yesterday...
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10/08/2009 2:05PM
Very Nice
10/08/2009 2:06PM
Josh Cole
Haha, very smooth there, Nivens. It's great to have you back here at the Rock, the evening broadcasts will be immensely awesome once again!
10/08/2009 2:08PM
yeah, using your favorite toilet...something that none of us really talk about, but yet, do regularly- hopefully. I like my personal bathroom toilet myself...my own space, my own toilet paper... and my own kids pounding on the door...MOOOOMMMMMMM.....
10/08/2009 2:10PM
Kenny Fraser
Glad to have you back, Nivens! Hasn't been the same without ya! Feels a little more like home for us now too.
10/08/2009 2:11PM
daniella Baldwin
I am so EXCITED that you are back! you are one of my favorite DJ's!!!
10/08/2009 2:12PM
Well I am so glad your back! I missed you and it is good to hear your voice on my way home from work! :)
10/08/2009 2:12PM
Nothing like 'noodling' for a wallet in the can!
10/08/2009 2:13PM
Haha, do they keep the bathroom stocked with Playboys? If so, just imagine how many other guys have touched and done unspeakable things to that magazine... tehe. Glad to have you back! And glad that the bathroom Gremlin didnt snatch your wallet this time...
10/08/2009 2:14PM
I am glad you are back to brother..keep on rockin
10/08/2009 2:17PM
I have a friend whose a plumber and this will go on the list of the strangest stuff found in THERE!!!
10/08/2009 2:17PM
Very glad to have you back nivens! Toilets are awesome!
10/08/2009 2:18PM
Nivens! Great to see you back! Toilets are awesome!
10/08/2009 2:19PM
Chad Vann
That definately sounds like something i would do or worse yet i would stand up and it would flip out of my pants into the Toilet. Welcome back.
10/08/2009 2:20PM
Audrey Love
Nivens you Rock the House!! Glad you found your wallet man and the Gremlin didn't get it. Awesome to have you back on the Rock!!! Loves it!
10/08/2009 2:22PM
josh crouse
I do that shit all the time man. Its still funny though. Now 1, welcome back, and 2, lets get down to some real buisness, tomarrow is BEEEEEEEEER DAY, welcome back brother.
10/08/2009 2:22PM
Happy to have you back even if you are a little ass backwards :)
10/08/2009 2:25PM
Dude! Thanks for the idea! I lost the title to my pick-up and I thought I looked everywhere. I am going to check all of my coat pockets now!!!
10/13/2009 3:35PM
Dude, I didn't know you drove a Vette? Pics are a must. GET TO POSTIN!
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