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I love spring!

So we had a bit of a set back with the first day of spring and the snow storm but still!
This is the time of year when bands start cranking out all of their new music. Jackyl, Godsmack, Ozzy, Korn, Stone Sour, STP,and the list goes on!
Along with all that  new music comes concert season!
There is nothing better than seeing your favorite band live.

Dont forget as you plan to head out to those shows to keep a eye out for your fellow rocker.

If you see someone hit the ground in the pit pick them up and try to knock them back down. (then repeat)

If you see a girl crowd surfing don't get all "handsy" it could be your sis.

If you are crowd surfing remember I am about a foot taller than everyone else so try to not kick me in the head...again!

Pace the party. It would suck to not remember what you just saw. (years ago went to a Motley show with one of my friends and at one pint he thought we were at a Floyd show)

Most importantly...Have a good time! 

Hope to see you at all of the shows!

See ya out there!

03/22/2010 12:20PM
I love spring!
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03/25/2010 11:24PM
Andy Baker (Karma Faith)
lol! Don't wear glasses in the pit... If you plan on keepin' 'em!
03/31/2010 6:14AM
ahh summer ride your bike and get stuck in traffic. traffic sucks balls on youtube kansas city band MEPOCALYPSE THIS TRAFFIC SUCKS
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