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Ryan Westward
Ryan Westward

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I am a new fan!

Made it out to the Seether, Bush, and Nickelback show last night as was really impressed.
Have seen Seether and Nickelback many times and have always enjoyed them a lot.
But for the first time I got to see Bush.
I think they are a good band but not a band that I ever felt the need to go out and see.
WOW, was I blown away.
They sounded great and the stage show was really good.
But when Gavin ran out and went through the crowd for two songs and did not miss a beat I was blown away.
You just don’t see that kind of performance anymore.
So I can honestly say that Bush you gained a fan with me last night!
Next time they come through be sure to cat than.
You will not be disappointed!
Till next time!

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06/06/2012 11:45AM
I am a new fan!
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06/06/2012 10:34PM
Snooki gets kicked in face!!!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LGbAtnUXG4&feature=results_main&playnext=1&list=PL7F431F167EF1EB72 Check this video out. From rockfest, clear to TMZ!
06/13/2012 10:29AM
hahaha hey moose i was sitting at the table behind you that was an awesome concert
07/31/2012 10:01AM
Im with you on this!
We went to Wichita, and I am with you, Never knew Bush was that good,was just blown away!!!
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