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Well it is coming up fast.
One of my top 3 holidays all year.
What you may ask.... Christmas, my birthday and yes Halloween!
What other time of year can you dress up, eat candy, pull pranks on friends without getting those strange looks. (as a grown up)
So....what direction 'am I going with this?
Freakers Ball on the 24 at the Midland.
I know you have plans to make it out to at least one Halloween party this year but make time to hit ours up to!
This year we have a hell of a line up for you. Killswitch, Five Finger Death Punch, All That Remains, Shadows Fall, Two Cents, and our Club Wars winner Changing Faith!
Plus its the stuff between the bands that makes this more than just a great show!
Fire eaters, sword swallowers, and how can we forget the $1,000 costume contest!
I have seen so many killer costumes at the show that I cant even tell you what to expect...But I can almost guarantee a few school girl costumes!
Need I say more...Didn't think so!
Get your ticket fast.
As of yesterday there were less than 300 left.
I cant wait!
See you at the show!

10/14/2009 10:11AM
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