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Hump Day

We've heard quite a few commercials the last few days from Show-Me Cannabis.

What's your take on the legalization of it aka Weed, Dope, Pot, Sticky Icky, Nature's Prozac, Reefer, Mary Jane, Wacky Tabacky, Cheeba, Ganja, Grass?




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10/09/2013 4:03PM
Hump Day
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10/10/2013 6:15PM
blaze blaze blaze
Tracy Q.
10/21/2013 5:43PM
Do whats right
Legalize it, spot filling our prisions with these non violent "criminals." its obvious they're roiting away in cages at expenses of taxpayers to protect the bottem line of pharmaceutical companies. Stop poisioning my country men with lies, the only refer madness plauging this country comes from within the judicial and exective branches. Break the chains of this unjustified, proabitional hypocrisy,and SET OUR PEOPLE FREE!
10/21/2013 6:02PM
let it be heard
let ur politions know how you feel about this procolmation, remind them that its there constituents who put them there and why. Not to pass laws in favor of CEO lobbiest but for what is right for the people. Tell them, We the people brought you into office and we the people can take you out. Do whats right for ur countrymen & constituents, not ur checking account.. scream it from the roof tops people! Help stop the reefer madness within our penial system let ur voices be heard! Copy paste my two posts if you agree. Long live American, land of the free, home of the brave
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