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Hump Day Poll

The battle is clearly on between these two first timers at Rockfest!

Pop Evil or The Pretty Reckless!

Which of these two bands are gonna bring it the best?

75% are looking forward to seeing Pop Evil!

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03/12/2014 3:09PM
Hump Day Poll
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03/12/2014 5:12PM
Like the hump day poll this week brother....AWESOME
Don "Raymore" Warnock
03/12/2014 6:21PM
POP EVIL brought it to THROTTLE FEST and look whos on main stage!!! POP EVIL !! POP EVIL WINS HANDS DOWN !!!
03/12/2014 6:57PM
I don't doubt that Pretty Reckless will do well, but the boys of Pop Evil can get crazy. They'll absolutely bring it!
03/12/2014 9:43PM
Evil Poop
Pop Evil was awesome at the Harley giveaway. This crowd will make them bring it!
03/19/2014 7:26PM
screw em both,,, fanthers attack!!!!
steel fucking panther will cream both these bitches
03/20/2014 1:36AM
Pretty Evil Reckless Pop
They're all pro musicians bottom line I feel they both are going to Fucking Rock c'mon it is only The festival of Rock best fuggin and biggest so all are going hard when they see KC on full tilt representing like we always do.My pick though is Pop Evil over TPR because I have been a fan for a long minute anyhow but mainly the library Evil has over TPR along with the live Throttlefest performance.With that said no disrespect to TPR I wish them the best of luck they don't need again hoping they kick me in the teeth as well with their set.Be safe help thy neighbor all at the fest.Most of all show the nation how 55,000 98.9 ROCKERS DO THIS PEACEFULLY YEAR AFTER YEAR.DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE
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