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Hump Day Poll

Which Band are you most excited to see at Rockfest 2014??


KORN is the clear winner of this one folks.

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03/05/2014 12:58PM
Hump Day Poll
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03/05/2014 5:03PM
I'm going with Korn
Because this is the first time in a long time we get to see Head back in the band, and since Korn has been to Rockfest
03/05/2014 5:06PM
hump day poll
Korn cause the last rockfest when i saw them they were awesome!
03/05/2014 5:18PM
Hump day poll
KoRn because I love them!!
03/05/2014 5:37PM
ZAKK WYLDE IS THE 2ND COMING OF CHRIST!!!, if Christ could shred of course!!!
03/05/2014 5:43PM
Feel the Steel
I'm ready to see steel panther! They never fail to impress me!
03/05/2014 5:53PM
Knuckle up!
5 Finger Death Punch is by far my favorite band and they always kill it live
03/05/2014 6:05PM
Steel panther!!!
Steel going to be dropping bras and panties for all us hard working stiffs... Doing the lords work and can't wait to be a part of it all
03/05/2014 6:14PM
03/05/2014 6:27PM
The Pretty Reckless because Taylor Momson is the hottest woman alive
03/05/2014 6:34PM
Hump Day!
Haven't saw BLS live since 2003! Thank you 98.9!
03/05/2014 7:28PM
98.9 kills ass
I can't wait to see staind been wanting to see them love since they came out and finally get to sooooooooo excited
03/06/2014 6:55AM
Best Up and Coming
Nothing More is absolutely incredible. I wish they were playing a full set. F'ing brilliant band!
03/07/2014 4:52PM
Excited...My panties are wet
However, the site is not accepting the Rock-a-holic password and I am stressin'
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