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Hump Day Poll

With Twisted X-Mas tix under way - STEEL PANTHER - and as we reflect on this last year, have you been Naughty or Nice?

Examples include, but not limited to;

'I flipped off my boss & told him to shove it!' - Nice

'I just turned 21 & had my first 3 some!' - Naughty

'I'm happily married. Love my husband, adore my children, but I just had to get some of that young man-meat coworker of mine!' - Naughty

'I've helped and visited my grandma every week, since she fell down.' - Nice

So what have you been? Simply answer Naughty or Nice, or go for a bonus prize and comment below how Naughty or Nice you've been this year.

Twisted X-Mas tix up for grabs!



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11/06/2013 2:06PM
Hump Day Poll
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11/06/2013 3:20PM
I love my husband but he sucks in bed, so I got me some hot military man action on the side
11/06/2013 3:54PM
I had sex with a coworker in the staircase at work. A few times. It was while working as a salesman at a local Harley Dealership
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