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Houston... I have a problem!

It seems a small baggie of cocaine was found in the shuttle Discovery's hangar at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla. One can only suspect what it'd be like to try and chop a line in zero gravity!

One small step for man, one giant... SNNNOOORRRTTT!... WOW!!... FOR MANKIND!

Can you imagine what happens to the astronauts when they run out? What are they going to do, call their dealer? "Hey man, seriously, I'll make it worth your while. Get a hold of a Richard Branson from Virgin Airlines, tell him we'll meet you guys half way! C'mon man. Hook me up, I'm dying up here!"

I know in order to even conceive the idea of traveling into space someone or a group of people had to be hopped up on something, but this is just too funny. In fact the article I have from MSNBC states, "Discovery is slated to blast off from the Kennedy Space Center in March to deliver supplies and spare parts to the Internation Space Station." I want to be part of that party!

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01/14/2010 2:36PM
Houston... I have a problem!
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01/14/2010 3:37PM
BAHAHAHA!!!! Dude, just the way you word things, man! I'm cracking UP! There's not even a need for a "line" ... You could just hold the bag in the air, holler to your boys, and shake out the bag while counting; onnnnee.... twwwoooooo.... annnnnd threeeeeee... EVERYONE-GO!!!! !! :)
01/14/2010 3:38PM
02/01/2010 12:24AM
So is that tax paid blow or a line item write off for travel expenditures? Imagine if the moon....nah
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