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Hot Tub Time Machine vs. The Hangover...

If you go back a few months to my Vlog review of The Hangover, you know I didn't find that movie anywhere near as funny as all those who said it's the best comedy since Superbad.

I did, however, find HTTM meeting and exceeding all my expectations. Cusack's timing is fantastic; Rob Corddry continues with his elaboration on the prick funnyman  he showed in "What Happens in Vegas"; Craig Robinson's Eric Webber was perfect, and young dude Clark Duke provided just the right disconnect of those who didn't live in the 80's to those who remember the 80's.

Which brings me to Crispin Glover. One of the biggest names of the 80's, showing up in a movie about traveling back to the 80's?! Nailed it!! And of course the antagonists to our heros, who all could have been in Johnny's gang from Karate Kid... so long as their not fighting the red scare of course.

Wonderfully awesome script and original story, incredibly funny 80's references that were blatantly obvious and some that were subtle, "I want my two dollars!", in conjunction with a solid cast helped seal the deal for me that Hot Tub Time Machine takes the smack talk title in a street fight win over The Hangover!
Great White Buffalo... Great White Buffalo... Great White Buffalo...

04/21/2010 9:51AM
Hot Tub Time Machine vs. The Hangover...
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04/21/2010 10:09AM
I don't know. I usually agree with you on these things....but I am thinking Hangover was waaaay better. HTTM had some funny moments and John was good in it, but the one liners from Hang are fantastic. It seems like HTTM used lines that are already famousinstead of giving us more. I also thought it was predictable. Very entertaining....but no Hangover.
07/06/2010 9:47AM
Cory Chu-Keenan
Hot Tub totally RULES!!! Hangover was overhyped and didn't deliver as I thought it would. The very best scenes from Hangover were all Galifanakis who is just a funny person in general. Hangover without him wouldn't even be worth watching. Sorry. All they did with the script is take a bunch of random stuff: a tiger, a baby, a missing tooth, and try to justify how these weird things happened. That's not a movie. That's picking stuff out of a hat. The gags weren't very thought-out, except when it came to Galifinakis. Hot Tub was a carefully crafted laugh-a-minute ride. The tone was consistent throughout. And they even had an authentic message about friendship and the lost dreams of young adulthood. Cordry is a damn genius. I love his cynical charm and comic timing. Hot Tub was the best comedy of the past two years, definitely better than the overhyped Hangover. I'd love to see Cordry and Galifinakis in a buddy comedy!
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