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Holy Crap, That's A Lot Of New Music!

Holy Sh!t, there's a ton of new music out today and it covers one of the broadest spectrums of Rock & Metal I've ever seen. I know I've said that before but consider….
Lullaby Renditions of Nickelback! I've told you guys about this before. Tool, Metallica, etc, whittled down to lullaby's for the little guy & gal in your life!
BAD RELIGION's "Christmas Songs". All your favorite tunes for the holidays; "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing", "O Come All Ye Faithful", "Little Drummer Boy" and more. And yes, you see that correctly, it's done by BAD RELIGION
ED KOWALCZYK of LIVE has a solo album out today "The Flood And The Mercy".
Couple of "Best Of's" are out today; SEETHER & BUCKCHERRY plus a remix album from LINKIN PARK “Recharged" which includes remixes of songs from their fifth studio album "Living Things".
Rockfest alums EYE EMPIRE put out their second studio album today in "Evolve".
On the more metal side of things we see WARBRINGER dropping "IV - Empires Collapse", SEPULTURA putting out "Mediator Between Head & Hands Must Be The Heart", and TESTAMENTS two CD + DVD recording documenting their sold-out headlining show at the Paramount in Huntington, NY! PROTEST THE HERO is back with their fourth studio album in "Volition" and Disney-baned SKELETONWITCH are back with their latest offereing, "Serpents Unleased"! 
I'd be remised if I didn't mention KILL DEVIL HILL's sophomore album, dropping today, with "Revolution Rise" and THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT with "Retinal Circus" which is two CD's & two DVD's of a live performance Townsend gave for a special one-night-only concert celebrating & covering his 20 year musical career which he filmed in London in October of last year.
And finally, THE RAMONES “The Sire Years: 1976 – 1981” A Remix of the band’s first six albums! 

Here's what's coming up: 

LAMB OF GOD “As the Palace Burns” 10 Year Anniversary Re-Release November
VOLBEAT ‘Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies – Tour Edition” Bonus tracks & Live DVD Nov 4th
TECH N9NE "Theapy" EP  November 5th (Ross Robinson produced) 
5FDP “The Wrong Side of Heaven & the Righteous Side of Hell” Vol. 2Nov. 19th
NICKELBACK “Best Of” November 19th
A PERFECT CIRCLE “Three Sixty” Greatest Hits November 19th
PUSCIFER “What Is…”  DVD & Soundtrack Nov. 26th
A PERFECT CIRLCE “A Perfect Circle: Live Featuring Stone & Echo” Nov. 26th
SOUNDGARDEN “Screaming for Life” & “Fopp” Sub Pop EP Reissues Nov. 26th
MASTODON “Live in Brixton” December 10th (Digital Release)
BODYCOUNT “Rise” or “Manslaughter”
2014 Expectations
TOM MORELLO Making Rock Music
DOPE “Blood Money” March
RANDY BLYTHE Memoir Spring 2014
2015 Expectations
BEASTIE BOYS Memoirs (By both Mike D & Ad Rock) 2015
*****What am I missing?*****

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10/29/2013 4:05PM
Holy Crap, That's A Lot Of New Music!
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11/10/2013 9:49PM
We are all puppets set to our own programs
To be full of life and free spirit. Laughter & joy combined. How can anything slip through the cracks. To really know your true roots on how we all came to be from a spec which became Mother Earth and she was soo happy how she knew she was alive growing evolving creating more life and she pulled an essence of herself & made Father Time to share whats been created. Mother Earth & Father Time together made God. Their imaginations alone created Life. Elves Fairies & Humans. We were never meant to grow old and die get sick with disease or anything like that. Until we realize that. To know that so that makes us all Gods Goddesses Elves & Fairies. So we don't get to die at all but change to our original forms & just celebrate that we are even alive at all. Being alive full of love.God's best creations he never shared with anyone. He manifested a room around him & his plants, grabbed a lightning bolt lit bush on fire & shut the door. Colored lights & morre smoke. Getting full of air the door blew off. Father Time comes out holding ashses of Buddha saying guess God never shared his stash. He grabbed some of those seeds & put em in the ground & spread Buddha's ashes over seeds put dirt over & then watered. plants sprout up. Father Time gets a hot air balloon fills it with his own air t in it & put clothes pin on it. floats up in air rain comes down then Father Time turns himself into an anvil falling on balloon out letting the air out these plants grew very large the smell is real sweet even sprouted out orange buds. Essence of Buddha. To finally know this we should all be celebrating that we are even alive at all also take a couple more breaths hold last one n ass long as you can close your eyes releasing sssllowly. All that air is for Mother Earth to strengthen root of her trees. Now open ur eyes know something else these plants been growin over 2,000 years. Also I have been smelling what I've smelled before. For everybody to realize this and say fuckin bad ass. That floating palace has to manifest sometime. Everybody should all celebrate we are all still alive love peace luxury happiness harmony. We are are one. I done all I can do for now. So I know where I belong. We dont need $ if we want something use alchemy and whats given also keep Mother Earth & Buddha enjoying life as we know it. Done for now still got more writing. Gotta bring order to this chaos & cuz I'd rather be spending time with my wife & family. Using Alchemy elements whats given bfore you staying positive If something slips in your head start humming keep breathing Mother Earth needs that air. Keep hummin low enough or high enough ul b able to tune n your magickal voice. This tone vibrates your body. Hone in on it & use it only for good. Innocence lost lives cut short. All family members & loved ones return to happiest time in life. Keep celebrating. 4:20 Sky- Hy
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