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Hollywood has officially given up...

So word has it that Rober Rodriguez is going to remake Predator while other reports say its a "reboot". Honestly, I don't give a rat's ass if its a remake or reboot, I'm getting sick an tired of this crap coming out of Hollywood!! Can nobody out there come up with an original idea anymore?? And what's worse, rumour has it that this version will star Adrian Brody and Topher Grace. Seriously?? They expect me to take this seriously?? I wouldn't be afraid of either one of them in a dark alley not to mention that I could out act Adrian Brody in my sleep.....and I'm a TERRIBLE actor, couldn't act to save my life! First of all, the movie doesn't need to be re-done...period. The original was just fine! Second, like I aready mentioned, I'm tired of re-makes and re-boots and re-this and re-that coming out of Hollywood. They all complained when reality tv started to become popular saying that it was taking jobs away from actors but they sure as hell aren't putting any effort into trying to win those jobs back! Don't get me wrong, I like Robert Rodrigez. Desperato is one of my favorite movies and Sin City was kick ass but they have got to start coming up with orginial ideas if they want my money. Remember when all these movies that are being redone came out for the first time? That's part of what made them awesome was that they were original and creative ideas that we hadn't seen before. I'm starting to think that Hollywood thinks we're all stupid and will go see anything they put on the screen and they've stopped putting effort into it. They've gotten lazy in my opinion and I about done taking them seriously.

Wow! Sorry about that!! I guess I really got up on my soap box on that one. Let me climb on down....just wanted to get that off my chest. My next blog will be more upbeat...promise!

10/11/2009 2:27PM
Hollywood has officially given up...
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