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Here we go!

Well it is officially the first full day of spring.

Rockfest is on sale and congrats to the 30,000 plus that got their tickets on the pre-sale!

Well done on saving the cash.

Now if you did not get yours yet there are still plenty to go.

Get then soon!

As far as the parking and schedule time for all the bands it is all on our main page!
I'm ready for this!
Are you?

03/21/2011 9:36AM
Here we go!
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03/22/2011 4:51PM
I have been engaged awhile now and still haven't set a date, anyways my mans bestfriend had an amazing idea that he LOVED! We Wanna get married at rockfest!!!! Could we pull it off?!?!?! Would you help us?!?!?!
03/23/2011 4:44PM
How many tickets are left for Rockfest? I want to go to the Midland to save some cash, but can't make it till Friday. You think there will be some left?
03/24/2011 8:37AM
Rockfest its going to be crazy guys i just wanted you all to know that May 14 is my birthday and this will be my first time at Rockfest!!! THIS BIRTHDAY CANT GET ANY BETTER....I'M READY TO ROCK!!! HELL YEAH...
04/02/2011 8:57AM
We want to get married at rockfest, we have been together for six years and engaged for one year. We have two beautiful children, and think it would be cool as sh*t to get married at rockfest! Help us please!
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